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PART ONE: As Thanksgiving arrives, the staff gathers for holiday dinner but tension simmers between Moe and Noelle when the subject of the upcoming Bake-Off arises. Meanwhile, Gigi confronts a flustered Marcie with the flyer Todd left behind. Bo pays a holiday call on Lindsay and is irked to discover that R.J. is already visiting St. Ann's. Adriana is nervous about hosting her first Thanksgiving dinner for Layla, Vince, Michael and Roxy, while Rex objects to his mother inviting Miles to join the party as well.

PART TWO: Pleased to see the men are finally getting along, Lindsay invites both of her guests to stay for dinner. Gigi assures Marcie that she sent Todd on a wild goose chase to throw him off her trail. Cris and Jamie coax Talia to join the Vegas' celebration at the diner. Charlie thanks Viki for including him in the cafe's dinner party. Marcie apologizes for lying to Gigi but tearfully insists it was necessary to protect Tommy from his horrible biological father. Cristian is secretly pleased to learn that Sarah has no interest in Jared.

  • Michael confides to a sympathetic Adriana how much he misses his wife and son.
  • Lindsay thanks Bo and R.J. (Timothy D. Stickney) for calling a truce.
  • Marcie (Kathy Brier) phones Michael (Chris Stack) to let him know how grateful she is that he was part of her life, then advises her husband to make a fresh start. Alone.
One Life To Live
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