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PART ONE: Dorian is aghast to wake up next to David following a night of passion. Meanwhile, a surprised Clint learns that Dorian arrived at the ranch the previous evening. Nigel enlists some help from Chuck to keep Alex bound and gagged in the stables. Natalie admits to her appalled sister how much she wants to sleep with Jared. Dorian's bad day gets worse when Clint walks in on her and David. Todd finds Gigi closely studying the flyer with Marcie's photo. Nash (Forbes March) warns Jared not to hurt Natalie.

PART TWO: Gigi tells Todd and Blair that Marcie (Kathy Brier) did come to the diner with Tommy but left for some undisclosed location in South America. Sensing that the waitress knows more than she's saying, Blair (Kassie DePaiva) appeals to Gigi as one mother to another. Nigel offers to trade his new yacht and the deed to St. Blaze's in exchange for Alex's silence. Stunned when Todd reveals that the reward for the safe return of his son is $1 million, Gigi contemplates her next move. Clint pulls a shotgun on David and orders him to get out. Jared eavesdrops on Nigel and Alex. Gigi elects to send Todd and Blair on a wild goose chase, then presses Marcie for answers.

One Life To Live
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