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Vic and Maggie head to Christmasland to save Wayne from Charlie. 

When they get there, they start planting bombs and gear up for a wild fight to the death with the villain. 

Unfortunately, he is holed up with Millie, who is showing him his past. 

Millie resolves that she is leaving Christmasland behind and Charlie vows to go after her. 

Just when he almost kills Vic and Maggie, the bombs go off and he starts to decline. 

Vic tries to grab Wayne. 

Millie exits, but starts fading, so she grabs a decoration off the tree.

Tabitha and Lou wait in the car for them to return from Christmasland, but they have no clue what's waiting for them on the other side. 

Vic finds Wayne and he stabs her, but she later talks him around. 

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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dad, there's something you need to see.


Vic, you need to stop. We need to get out of here.