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The mission to save Wayne is on. 

Vic and her father make bombs, while Maggie uses her tiles again. 

Vic knows there is one last stop before Christmasland and thinks it's good to take Charlie down. 

Tabitha dumps Maggie, telling her that she wants a drama-free life and that they need to move on. 

Maggie agrees because she's worried about putting her lover in danger. 

The fight to save Wayne kicks off with Wayne biting Lou. 

Charlie arrives and the bombs all fail, meaning that Vic is left in danger. 

Ultimately, Charlie murders her father in front of her. 

We also learned that her father was trying to make a better life for himself and was trying to be a better father. 

Linda and Chris share a scene, but they're relationship is over. 

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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Linda: I don't know about this. I mean, taking explosives over a magical bridge in the rain. You are my only child, Vicki. My baby.
Vic: Yeah, Ma, and Wayne's mine and the cops haven't found him. Time's running out.

Vic: This is the only way, alright?
Linda: What about your spleen? You just got out of the hospital.
Vic: I'm fine, Ma.