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How I Met Your Mother Season 7

"The Magician's Code Part Two"

This is part two of the emotional How I Met Your Mother season finale. It centers on Barney's wedding day.

Labor for Lily
"The Magician's Code Part One"

It's go time! Lily goes into labor on part one of the How I Met Your Mother season finale.

Barney takes Marshall on a road trip prior to his baby being born on this fun episode of How I Met Your Mother.

"Now We're Even"

As Ted settles into his new apartment, Barney tries to convince that the two should head out on the town...every night on How I Met Your Mother.

"Trilogy Time"

Ted and Marshall revisit an old tradition of theirs this week. Barney draws the ire of everyone including Quinn for something he says.

Barney makes Ted swear not to tell their friends about Quinn's job as a stripper this week on HIMYM.

Barney learns that Quinn is a stripper this week. But that doesn't get in the way of his pursuit.

Barney discovers something private about Marshall and Lily this week on How I Met Your Mother.

"The Drunk Train"

Barney and Ted take a train to Long Island this week. Funny chaos ensues.

"The Burning Beekeeper"

Lily and Marshall throw a housewarming party this week. Elsewhere, Barney goes after a divorcée.

It's the 150th episode of How I Met Your Mother! The gang celebrates a milestone this week.

Marshall returns to his father's grave this week to carry out a tradition.

"Symphony of Illumination"

Robin lies to the group on this episode of How I Met Your Mother, while Marshall hangs Christmas decorations at the house in the suburbs.

"The Rebound Girl"

Ted and Barney contemplate a major life decision this week. Read on for a HIMYM recap.

"Tick Tick Tick"

Marshall, Lily and Ted head to a concert this week, while Robin and Barney keep secrets from their respective others.

"Disaster Averted"

A storm is brewing on How I Met Your Mother. Literally! The gang prepares for it on this episode.

"Perfect on Paper"

It's the debut of Katie Holmes as Slutty Pimpkin! It's also another HIMYM Halloween episode.

Awkward! The group realizes this week that their significant others remind them of their parents.

"Mystery vs. History"

The group gathers this week to paint the baby's room a neutral color but Barney can't stand not knowing the baby's sex and tries to convince Lily and Marshall to read the results.

Marshall discovers problems with his boss while Barney finds a flaw in Nora.

"The Stinson Missile Crisis"

Welcome to How I Met Your Mother, Kal Penn. The former House stars debuts as Robin's therapist this week.

Ted meets an old flame this week, one he had cheated on. Meanwhile, Barney places a wager with Lily and Marshall.

"The Naked Truth"

Ted doesn't know who to invite to a party on this episode. Elsewhere, Marshall gets his dream job and Barney wins over Nora.

"The Best Man"

Does Robin tell Barney how she really feels about him in the season premiere? That's the big question?

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