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The BAU is called in to help Detroit police, who have found two successful businessmen mutilated and murdered. Matt started as a policeman in Detroit, and his former co-worker is now a captain there. The unsub sent out graphic videos of his crimes. Prentiss suspects both of the murder victims were involved with prostitutes. Garcia discovers both were enamored of the same prostitute, Dasha, who was the last person to see both men alive. The Blue Siren escort service is actually being run out of a sorority house. Dasha is Kimberly Desmond, who is no longer with Blue Siren. A third victim has been found, also Dasha's client. Matt serves as Kimberly's protective detail. Kimberly hits on him, but he politely declines. Reid pinpoints aircraft noise in the background of the tape, which helps them narrow their search area. The unsub sees the search vehicles coming and burns his lair. The unsub is a former Chaldean Mafia hitman. A female skull is found near the former hideout. The unsub kidnaps Kimberly's mother Janel, and then kidnaps Kimberly. The unsub is Janel's brother, Gabriel Merza, Kimberly's father who recently got out of prison. Janel is actually Kimberly's aunt, and the skull belonged to Kimberly's biological mother. Gabriel's not impressed with his biological daughter's choice of work and is killing off her clients. Gabriel tells Kimberly the truth and says that he wants to start over as a family. Janel stabs Gabriel in the back and Kimberly runs, just as the BAU arrives. Gabriel escapes through a back window, then jumps Matt, who overcomes and arrests him. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

This unsub seems organized, skilled and motivated. But so are we.


Kristy: You know the best thing about you going from the IRT to the BAU?
Matt: What's that?
Kristy: Now, after nearly 10 years of marriage, I get to share my bed with my husband on a semi-regular basis.