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On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 11, Captain Holt engages in a dance-off with some street performers after they spill his coffee.

Charles wants to have a baby with his new girlfriend, but his ex-wife Eleanor holds his sperm bank donation hostage, demanding that he use his police privilege to deal with a collision situation she has. Jake and Charles try to get the sperm back, though Eleanor remains a step ahead of them.

Charles decides to carry out Eleanor's wishes, but is stopped by Jake. Jake reminds him that good fatherhood doesn't have to be biological.  Charles takes this to heart and decides to end Eleanor's power over him by becoming a father without his sperm.

Amy wants a recommendation from Terry to be a mentee in a mentorship program, but accidentally breaks his nose while trying to impress him. When trying to make amends and check the status of her recommendation letter, she continues to accidentally injure Terry. 

When she doesn't get into the program she wanted, she accuses Terry of writing her a bad recommendation, infuriating him by questioning his integrity. However, Terry reveals that he sent the recommendation to the wrong place, thinking she wanted to be a mentor, and encourages her to start teaching others.

Holt and Rosa bring in a criminal with ties to credit card fraud, but he only wants to talk to Gina. Gina almost blows the interrogation, having not read the file, and with the criminal saying that he only wanted to talk to her because he went to high school with her.

Gina asks for a second chance, but also blows it. Rosa salvages the investigation by bonding with the perpetrator through complaining about Gina.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Jake: We're not going to let anything happen to your...
Charles: Boyle Oil?

Maybe I should have offered free streudel. Maybe then Scully would have come.