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Amy attempts to give Captain Holt a present without him realizing it is a present, and causes him to think it is a bomb. 

Jake realizes he forgot to get Boyle a present and asks Gina for help. 

Capt. Holt and Rosa are doing a polar swim and Amy is upset they didn't invite her. They didn't think she'd be interested because she gets cold easily.

Terry is off to spend two days with his family and does not want to be contacted while he is gone. 

Boyle finds out Jake is going shopping for last minute gifts. Jake lies and tells him its for Amy and Boyle wants to come along.

The store is being robbed while Jake, Boyle, and Gina are shopping. Jake is excited because it's a real life Die Hard situation.

Neither Jake nor Boyle have their guns. 

Jake calls Terry while he's at dinner with his family and he leaves to help them. 

Amy backs out of the polar swim at the last second. 

Gina tries to get hairspray to make flame throwers and is caught by one of the robbers. 

The Vulture is back and is in charge of the hostage situation. 

Jake and Boyle arm themselves with tools the store sells and set out to take out the robbers one by one.

Rosa and Holt go into the ocean, and Amy is forced to go in after them to tell them about the hostage situation.

Jake allows himself to get caught so Boyle can get away.

Boyle saves them and they let Terry know the robbers are escaping through the sewers. 





Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Amy: You guys are doing a polar swim, why didn't you ask me?
Captain Holt: We didn't think you'd be interested.
Rosa: You're always cold, you brought a blanket to a Mets game in mid-July.

Jake: There's more? Charles, this is too much.
Charles: Nonsense, it was just a lot of time and a lot of money.