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Coop tells Spencer that Tyronne got Shawn killed, and she is working from the inside to try and bring him down. Spencer tries to talk her out of it, but it doesn't work.

Spencer tells Laura he wants to do something to stop the violence in his community. She gives him her full support. He wants to plan a rally to take the parks back from the gangs. He reaches out to his ex-girlfriend for help.

Jordan is sneaking around visiting his grandfather. He gets caught in his lies and admits his visits to his father. 

Instead of a rally, Spencer decides to get people to come out and help clean up a park instead. Once they're there, he'll propose his petition to stop gangs congregating in public places.

Patience catches Coop hitting another gang member and breaks up with her. 

Layla feels some jealousy over Kia, but Olivia thinks she should focus on the mean girls back home spreading rumors about her. 

Billy shows up to his dad's house to watch him train Jordan. 

Gang members show up to Spencer's event to try and stop people from signing his petition. He doesn't get as many signatures as he'd hoped. The rival gangs pull guns and Spencer tries to talk them down. It's a rousing speech, but they don't put away the guns. Spencer refuses to back down and Tyronne backs off. 

Willie asks Jordan for money for diabetes testing strips, but it's obvious he's lying. 

Layla stands up to the mean girls. 

Spencer convinces Coop to tell Patience the truth and they make up. 


All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Kia: So, Layla seems nice.
Spencer: Yeah, yeah she's special.
Kia: I'm just glad you didn't move to Beverly Hills and bring home a Kardashian.

Jordan: I don't know why you just can't forgive him.
Billy: I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Jordan: People make mistakes, dad. Whatever happened to second chances?