Spencer: You've been fronting like I had talent and you didn't since we were kids, but you chose to roll with guys like Tyronne. Choose something else now.
Shawn: Why do you even care?
Spencer: I don't. But I care about Coop, and she thinks you deserve a chance at something more, so you can take my help or not. That's up to you.

Jordan: As soon as I tell my dad what you did, you're off this team.
Asher: Are you serious right now? Over one game that you just won? I thought you said it was just football, man!
Jordan: Know what? No. If you would have been there on that field with us, you would have felt that.

Layla: I'm still really hurt and not just about the Asher thing. I'm upset about us. You let me believe you didn't want to be my friend anymore, and you let me be with a guy who would cheat on me with my best friend.
Olivia: I know, and it was wrong. I told myself I was doing it to protect you, but the truth is I was just protecting myself. Everything you said last night was true.
Layla: Well, if I'm being honest, you weren't wrong either. I knew you liked Spencer and I was too afraid of not being Miss Perfect to admit I liked him too.

I want better for you Coop. You're my people, all right, you're family to me. I am never going to leave you behind, no matter what.


If I give in to this, the parents like Harold Adams, and put winning above these kids' best interests, then what kind of coach does that make me?


Olivia: You are such a hypocrite. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you messed around with Spencer knowing how I felt about him, knowing that you had a boyfriend.
Layla: That is not the same.
Olivia: No, you're right, it's not. I was messed up on drugs when I slept with Asher, what's your excuse? Maybe now you can finally admit that you're not Miss Perfect after all, but you're a messy human who screws up like the rest of us.

Spencer: Look, I'm just going to come right out and say it. I like you, in case that wasn't obvious. Based on that kiss, I'm guessing you don't find me completely intolerable.
Layla: It's a little more complicated than us just liking each other.
Spencer: I know, Asher is my teammate.
Layla: And my boyfriend.

Olivia: People keep a secret like that for one of two reasons. Either the cheating was a big mistake, and they just want to protect the person they love from being hurt.
Layla: Or?
Olivia: Or they're just trying to protect themselves. You have to decide which one is true for you and what you plan to do about it.

Coop: I didn't get all dressed up and drag my ass to Beverly Hills to sit here and watch you sulk.
Spencer: I don't sulk.
Coop: Tell that to your face.

Grace: You always had a love/hate relationship with Crenshaw.
Billy: Not the place. Not the place. I was just tired of the responsibility that came with being a black man in the hood. I always had to be better than great. It felt like if I messed up, then the whole hood messed up. That was a lot to carry.

Layla: People have a hard time thinking straight when they're grieving.
Spencer: Aren't you still grieving?

Coop: You ever thought about getting her out of this life?
Shawn: What do you think I'm trying to do? That money's for her. She's the reason I gotta keep it at Alvin's. It's neutral, Coop. Anywhere else and my hustle becomes everybody's hustle.
Coop: Then it's time to find a new hustle.

All American Quotes

Spencer: What the hell are you doing?
Jordan: I'm picking you up.
Spencer: In your red car, in your red hat? You're like a Bloods poster board man, you're gonna get your head blown off! [laughs] I'm just playing. I'm just playing.

Billy: Take it from me, my experience. Every player out there is just one injury away from needing a backup plan.
Spencer: I appreciate the offer Coach, but I don't need a backup. This is where I belong.