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Chief Mullen: Just what part of under investigation confuses you?
Raylan: So many things confuse me, Art.

Hanselman: Next time you're in Cincinnati, come by the gallery, I'll show you my collection. I think you'll be quite surprised.
Raylan: Honestly, I'd rather stick my dick in a blender.
Chief Mullen: Well, that would solve a few problems.

Chief Mullen: Excuse me, Carl Hanselman? We're with the US Marshal service.
Hanselman: That still exists?
Mullen: Yea, we like to keep a low profile.

Raylan: I have to go with you?
Chief Mullen: Would I be here if you didn't?

No, I'll just repeat myself, I don't have anything better to do.

Chief Mullen

Then you're like some drunk looking for his car keys under a lamp because that's where the light is.

Art Mullen

He's probably not a candidate for father of the year. He shot a cop, among other things.

Art Mullen

Are you afraid she's going to cramp your style, cock block you from banging a starlet?


I love how these guys are so calm when they're coughing up blood.

Art Mullen
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