Goddamn, Raylan. Your timing sucks.


We dug coal together.


I think the only way to get out of our town alive is to never been born there.


Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, and Avery Markham are soon to converge, Mr. Vasquez. Like the aligning of the planets, if those planets carried guns and hated my guts.


Before you try to seduce me, just know it’s been tried before.


Boyd: How you know I wasn’t some Boy Scout looking for his tent?
Raylan: Your teeth glow in the dark.

As you undertake your grievin, may that guide you as you contemplate your next move.


And I start to picture how you'd look without any of your god damn teeth.


If he knows, put a bullet between his eyes. And if he doesn't know, put a bullet between his eyes anyway.


It smelled like patchouli and scared hipster.


There ain't nothing in my life ever come for free.


I'm sorry, Boyd.


Justified Quotes

Boyd: A man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth deserves to have it permanently shut.
Ava: Who said that?
Boyd: Boyd Crowder.

Raylan: If you're going to talk, I'll put you in the trunk and drive myself.
Dewey: I can't drive handcuffed to the damned steering wheel!
Raylan: You'll get the hang of it.