Well, you want some tea, Shelly? Everyone is pretending to be younger. We dye our hair, we whiten our teeth, we wear moisturizing face masks that make us look like serial killers, and we squeeze our widening hips into Spanx because the most important thing to be in the whole goddamn world is 27. Should I have told the truth? Sure. But you know what? So should you. Millennial isn't an age, it's an attitude. And if you can't sell that, we'll go somewhere else.


Kelsey: I've brought a peace offering.
Zane: You're going to cook? Do you know what a peace offering is?

Shelly: So, how did this happen, Josh?
Josh: Well, she wasn't all done up like this. She was dressed way down, and she wasn't really trying to impress anyone. She didn't have to. She was smart and sexy. I would have believed anything that she said. I just wanted to keep talking to her. Plus, I was wasted. Okay? And it was like really dark.
Liza: You liar.
Josh: Oh, really? I'm the liar?

Liza: You mean like maid of honor stuff?
Diana: If you want to promote yourself to that, fine.
Liza: Diana, I would love to be your maid of honor!

Diana: Liza has been lying about her age and everyone knew except me.
Enzo: Really? Well, how old is she then?
Diana: She's 42.
Enzo: Huh. She looks good. I just mean she had me fooled too.

Diana: I've got big news and I wanted to share it with you first since I am your work wife. Just your work wife, of course, despite the salacious gossip in the bullpen. I'm going to be someone's real wife, I'm engaged to Enzo.
Charles: That's wonderful, Diana. Congratulations.
Diana: Do I have your blessing, Charles?
Charles: Sure?

Zane: Ah, Diana Deluca. That's better than Trout.
Diana: I'm keeping Trout.

Josh: Look, I know you're with him, but I'm glad we can still spend time together like this.
Liza: Yeah, me too. You know, I've been reading a book that reminds me of us.
Josh: Really? Tell me more.
Liza: It's about a younger man who has an affair with an older woman.
Josh: An affair? Huh. Sounds racy.
Liza: It actually is pretty sexy in parts.
Josh: Oh, I bet it is. So how does it end?
Liza: Well, that's the big question. The writer didn't finish the book.

Kelsey: After looking over your current acquisitions, I feel that this book would be much better suited as a Millennial title.
Zane: You lost that book! You can't just poach it because you want it!
Kelsey: It's just a better fit for Millennial. A story about a young woman who may or may not be a killer? It's a real-life Gone Girl.

Liza: My worlds are colliding, and it all feels strangely familiar.
Maggie: I get it! It's like you only had chocolate ice cream for 20 years and then you got divorced and tried all these new flavors -- pistachio, guava, cookies and cream -- and now it's like you're with chocolate chocolate chip.
Liza: But I like chocolate.
Maggie: Sure, better than vanilla.

Kelsey: Hey, Charles, before you leave. I finally found a book that I'm excited about from you.
Charles: Really? Which one?
Kelsey: Liza slipped it to me. She found it in one of her old boxes from Pound Ridge?
Charles: Can I see that?
Kelsey: It reads like a more sophisticated Nicholas Sparks. Can you find a writer and make a deal with him to finish it?
Charles: It's really not something that I'm interested in pursuing.
Kelsey: As publisher, I am.
Charles: And as the author, I most certainly am not.

Liza, the summer I turned 21 I had an affair with the wife of a famous author. She was beautiful but dissatisfied. She was always looking over her shoulder, and she thought that a fling with a younger man would make her feel young, too. And for a while, it was exciting for both of us. That's the part you read.