Even when you know it won't work it's still hard when it doesn't.


Enzo: You know, this is dangerous. Most plumbers wives forbid them from going anywhere near a Fatberg.
Diana: Really? Should you even be doing this?
Enzo: I have to, I gotta duty.
Diana: (laughing)

Well, she really wants a baby, and I'm really high on a weeknight and happy that way.


It had to happen, Kels. We've come to the end of this road.


Just have a C-section, you don't want to stretch out your good sweater.


Don't get too excited. They found the most charmless city to host it. It's like Buffalo with dumplings. Lovely language, German. Like a thousand cats coughing.


Kesley: Okay, but you just tucked me in, right?
Zane: Yep, ucked with a "T", not an "F." I slept on the couch.

Liza: I just spent the weekend telling my daughter not to be some guy's secret. And I don't want to be in a relationship I can't be open about.
Charles: I understand, but now is just not the right time.
Liza: Call me when it is.

Liza: I wanted to tell you sooner because I'm trying to be more real.
Josh: Real? You're trying to be real? You don't even know what real is anymore.

I can only keep so many secrets for you, Liza.


Enzo: Take the ferry, it's free.
Diana: There's a reason for that.

A maverick is an independent person who blazes their own path. There are women who got to where they are without needing help, and I admire them, but I am not one of them. I am very lucky to not be running Millennial on my own, I have an amazing partner who should be up here with me. A partnership like ours is rare, and sometimes challenging, but we never stand in each other's way personally or professionally because we know that we are better together.


Younger Quotes

It's like Goodnight Moon for adults. With blow jobs!


Wow. If she was OK with the sex change, maybe this won't be such a big deal.