Maggie: Liza, I'm losing my mojo.
Liza: Oh, come on. I heard someone sneaking out of your room last night.
Maggie: That was me sneaking into the fridge.

Charles: I think we'll be stronger together.
Kelsey: Welcome home, Charles.

Liza: I think we just found our seasoned slut.
Diana: Stop.
Liza: Sorry.

Charles: Yes, and if you are friends then she will understand.
Liza: Not if I leave her for you.
Charles: I left my company to be with you.

Liza: Don't read into it. It's just a pop culture hot or not list.
Kelsey: Charles is hot and I'm not?

Diana: Did you see this, Kelsey? Your decapitated head is hovering between low brow and despicable right next to Disney live-action remakes and nude restaurants.
Kelsey: Yeah, I saw it, Diana.
Diana: How unflattering to crop you right at your chin. A head without a neck is like a kite without a string just a floating tragedy.

Charles: You're enjoying this.
Liza: Maybe I am. What choice do I have? Be mad at you or be better?

Bronwitz: I bet any man would let the two of you blow him.
Liza: Let?
Bronwitz: Women my age have to work hard for that BJ, and we are better at it. Am I right?
Diana: Do people think I'm her age?

Listen, you are energetically inflamed. Alright, your aura is like a cartoon bird that just ate a pepper.


Zane: Money isn't everything. Sometimes, it's about charm.
Kelsey: Oh, so you slept with her? God, that is completely unethical. And so creepy.
Zane: But it's fine when you do it?
Kelsey: I only slept with my authors after they signed.

Kelsey: Let's just make sure she re-ups her contract.
Diana: As the boss, I suggest you make that happen. She's a cash cow, and Millennial could use the milk.
Kelsey: Did you have to say that?
Diana: I did.

Kelsey: I assume you saw Quinn Tyler's story in the Times, and the Post, and Wired.
Redmond: I did. Kelsey, you're a messy bitch who lives for drama. I stan.