Conrad: Are you OK? Why are you here?
Eileen Jacoby: I see ghosts.

She was stable last night when I left my shift. What happened?


He's punishing himself. He'll keep walking on it until if snaps.


Bell: Hey Arthur, I need to talk to you about my friend with the tremor.
Arthur: Enough. Let's be honest with each other. We both know your friend is you.

Nic: One question.
Devon: Why would Lane agree to this autopsy?

I am a nurse, not an assassin. If you don't trust me, you can leave Chastain, but if you put your hands on me again, I will have you arrested.


Claire: Dr. Bell's surgery went well?
Doctor: Well, the patient survived.
Claire: Am I missing something? Were you expecting a different outcome?

Bell: What's going on?
Jude: Hey, how many people have to die before you turn in your scrubs, huh? Doesn't matter how great you were, it's how great you are here and now. You don't have it anymore. It's time to retire.
Bell: How dare you!

The only thing any of us can hope for is that the good we do outweighs the harm.


Dr. Silva, another tour of duty or another hospital. That's your future. The board will be revoking your privileges at Chastain.


Conrad, you didn't listen to Nic about Lane. I believed her. You didn't. I saved Lily once. You lost her. But you get to be the only one around here in pain? Uh-uh. Don't malign me as a doctor keeping me from treating your foot. For Lily, I was a better doctor than you are.


Eileen Jacoby: I'm a silly old woman getting emotional over a machine.
Mina: I am very emotional about machines. People, not so much. Thank you.
Eileen Jacoby: Oh, my dear, fixing it was nothing.
Mina: No, for being my hero.

The Resident Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Eileen Jacoby: The world needs more doctors like you, which is why I have decided to go back to teaching.
Conrad: That sounds like a perfect way let go of the past ... live forward with purpose
Eileen Jacoby: And forgive ourselves. You've lost someone as well recently? Then you need to live forward, too.

Conrad: Are you OK? Why are you here?
Eileen Jacoby: I see ghosts.