Salsa is my life. My livelihood. I don't know how to do anything else.


Devon: Oh my god.
Conrad: What?
Devon: This is Dawn Long's vent. Her daughter put that sticker on it.
Kit: You mean it wasn't properly cleaned?
Conrad: Kit, if that's true, Derek probably got Candida Auris from that vent.

Kit: How do you feel?
Cain: Excuse me?
Kit: My son in law is blind because of candida auris, and it's probably going to kill him. So again, how do you feel?
Cain: I have nothing to do with that.
Kit: You have everything to do with that!

Andrea: He's one of a kind, isn't he?
Mina: Yeah

I left him, and then I lost him, and now he's here just when I need him the most. Barrett Cain is the one who got away.


Logan: I had to keep you on a loyal path.
Cain: I don't like being threatened  

You owe Kit this much and her family.


Marshall: It's not often that our worlds collide, but about this, I know a thing or two. Doing good isn't black and white, and the shades of gray are unsettling.
Conrad: Oh, I know. I deal with that every day. I don't want to lose myself.
Marshall: Never lose sight of your ideals because once that happens, the steps aren't many to the dark side. Trust me I know.

Molly: I'm afraid to ask, but do you think he'll be able to see again?
Kit: Honestly, I don't know.

I know you care about this hospital. If you really want to change things around here, this is an opportunity to gain some real power and influence. What do you say?


Kit: Dawn's vent wasn't properly cleaned, and that vent went to Derek.
Cain: I gave specific instructions to sterilize her room and all the equipment.
Kit: Well, you failed. And now my daughter will lose her husband, my granddaughter her father, and Derek his life. And you better hope that doesn't happen because if it does, I will destroy you.
Cain: Sorry, Kit. I can't imagine what you're going through.
Kit: Of course, you can't because you've likely never loved anyone.

Marshall: You know I've been accustomed to a particularly heavy look of yours, but today, today something is different.
Conrad: Yeah, yeah it is. Today in order to protect my patients I had to become part of the system I've been fighting.