Devon: How you feeling? Any jitters?
Conrad: No, I'm as happy as I've ever been. I'm marrying my soulmate.

Twenty-twenty, man. What a year. I mean we had no idea what was about to hit us.


I've never felt quite so useless. 


Nic: Tough times come they always will but when they do, Conrad, I want you by my side.
Conrad: No matter what. In sickness and in health. 
Nic: I promise to always have your back no matter what. I promise to love you, to never obey you. 
Conrad: I didn't have my hopes up.
Nic: Mostly, I promise you'll never lose me. This is forever. 
Conrad: For as long as we both shall live.

I understand the male temptation to exaggerate length, but you need to back up. 


Conrad: If you get COVID, I get COVID. 
Nic: The good news is I can smell that coffee. 
Conrad: And I can taste that bread. If I'm going out, I'm going out with carbs. 

Conrad: You're about to be Mr. Conrad Hawkins.
Nic: I'm pretty sure you're about to be Mr. Nic Nevins.

Mina: I loathe the in love Raptor. 
Devon: Maybe you should ask yourself why.

Conrad: How many cases of COVID-19 in Seattle?
 Irving: Fourteen known so far. Five deaths.
Devon: The symptoms fit. I think we have our first case of Coronavirus. 

Mina: This changes nothing.
AJ: How about that.

AJ: You know you had a chance to do the right thing, pitch in with the rest of us and help, but no, you just followed Red Rocks matching orders.
Cain: I'm a neurosurgeon, I cut. When the pandemic can be cured by brain surgery shoot me a page.

Logan: Barett, you're the Chief of Surgery, my rainmaker. Help me to save Chastain. Take the lowest risk surgeries and schedule them as urgent. 
Cain: Ok, on one condition. Don't ever threaten my job again or replace my face on the side of this building for a shiny new optic.

The Resident Quotes

Mina: Andrea was supposed to be your guest, but you're alone. Why? 
AJ: We're not together anymore. We broke up.
Mina: What happened? What did you do?
AJ: You see the way Conrad looks at Nic? Andrea deserves someone who looks at her like that, and quite frankly, I'm not that guy. You know if I were to be honest, to me, she was just filling the space that I wanted you to fill.
Mina: I already told you-
AJ: I know. You don't want to lose what we have in the OR. I get it. I don't want to lose that either, Mina. Look, you asked me, right? So I'm telling you the truth. That's what we do, right? Don't worry, I'm not expecting anything.

Andrea: He's one of a kind, isn't he?
Mina: Yeah