Conrad: Are you OK?
Nic: That's the man who stabbed me.

It took time but eventually I broke his hold over me. That's what you have to do move on because if you don't you'll continue to be a victim and you've given him control.


Oh, Pravesh. This is is that little prince your son? 


Conrad: I thought you had eyes on her. 
Billie: I was literally gone five minutes.

Leela: Hey, when you have a minute I would like to learn everything about your patients. Not just rhe medicine but personal stuff too.
Jessica: Seriously?
Leela: Yeah! Nurses always know everything right.

Cain: Do I look like a toddler? Don't talk to me like one.
Rose: Don't act like one. Tammy is just doing her job. Have some respect.
Cain: Whoever you are when I want your advice ill ask you for it. 

AJ: Brother, I have got to admit. You have put me in a vendetta kinda mood. A rare and special brand of pissed off and I find myself with some inspired ways to make you pay for what you're doing to Mina Okafor.
Cain: Excuse you.
AJ: No, no. You don't have to run away from me Barrett. I won't hurt you, baby. Not yet. See I had an epiphany, and the irony is way too sweet. You're going to walk away from me, take the elevator to the penthouse where you will settle in at rock bottom, and I have no interest in punching down. You ruining Mina's life and career will not heal you, Barrett. If anything, you'll sink to a new low.
Cain: She tried to destroy me.
AJ: No, she called you out for all the right reasons. You're trying to destroy her for all the wrong reasons, and now I hear even Kit thinks there is no seat for you at our table. But as far as I'm concerned, that's not punishment enough. Fix it, Barrett. Now. If you don't I'm coming for you. You hear me? And you won't walk away from me ever again. 

Devon: If you'd rather be an artist by all means go do it. At least no one dies when you color outside the lines. Right now you really should be focused on your patients especially after today's performance.
Leela: So kind of you to give me that advice on my first day at Chastain Dr. Pravesh. Thanks so much. Do you want to see what I was drawing? You don't know me and I don't know you, but you need to understand this. There is nothing that matters to me more than being the best doctor that I can be. And as far as my performance goes, when you were an intern, did you perform flawlessly? It's a learning process and I was rather hoping you'd help me learn and not tear me down.

Mina: I don't know what's worse. Being deported or losing my medical license.
AJ: Listen, Mina, you are not going anywhere. You hear me?

Knoll: Yes Barett.
Cain: I want you to ease up on Mina Okafor. Drop the whole thing now, the hearing, the visa, all of it.
Knoll: Sorry, Barrett that's out of our hands. It's a moving train that can't be stopped now. 

Pravesh, I know that every broken rule tears at your psyche but she was struggling and this guy needed to go to sleep. 


Nic: Hey, talk to me. What's wrong?
Conrad: It's just it shouldn't be clear.
Nic: Why?
Conrad: There should be a bullet next to his spine, and there isn't.
Nic: OK, so the bullet that you're talking about, you think it migrated to another part of his body?
Conrad: Yeah. And I need to help them find it because Hill got shot saving my life.

The Resident Quotes

Devon: A hospital wedding with a happy ending.
Conrad: As long as Bell doesn't kill her on the ER table.

Irving: What happened to him?
Mina: I did.