Seeing you happy, that means everything to me.

Navid [to Adrianna]

I got into a little tussle with this chili dog and I have to admit defeat.


Ryan: We're getting a little old for vomit and hangovers, aren't we?
Laurel: No, you're never too old for vomit and hangover.

Lila: Guess who.
Navid: Hilary Clinton.
Lila: Close.
Navid: Tila Tequila.
Lila: Closer.

Naomi: You don't want me to tell him what a big tramp you were.
Jen: Exactly.

Jen: We are more in love than ever.
Naomi: Waiter, barf bag!

My parents are going out tonight and I can't wait any longer to hang out with you.

Dixon [to Ivy]

Take five? That's like actual recording studio talk.


Dixon: I'm really sorry.
Harry: Me too. I thought you were better than this.

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