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Nikita: Round two.
Anya: Do I have to beat you again?
Nikita: Cocky, I like that.

I'm an agent all over again. Wasn't that some sort of fantasy of yours?

Nikita [to Michael]

Once you're free you'll be alone for a while. I know you'll be careful, but be strong. God knows you've been for me.

Nikita: Michael I love you, I just hate where you work.
Michael: And you want me to hate it too?
Nikita: YES!

Michael: Nikita that is too risky. So that's how you want to do this? In the middle of a Division operation?
Nikita: Kind of makes it sweeter....not the point.

Do you realize I'm your nurse a lot? You're unconscious half the time we're together.

Nikita: Thanks for not taking the shot.
Michael: I still don't like the guy.
Michael: The black box is destroyed. That's the second one she's gotten to. Perhaps you should re think your black box strategy?
Percy: Perhaps.

Owen: He's kinda scrawny.
Nikita: He's built where it counts, can we move on?

Owen: You don't hide from your sins, you face them.
Nikita: It's one thing to face your sins; it's another to let them eat you alive.

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