Alex: I thought relationships with outsiders were dangerous?
Nikita: They are, but you can't live the lie. It's not enough. You have to live a life too.

Nikita: Do you think we could ever erase who we were? Come back from it?
Fletcher: From what?
Nikita: All the things we've done, everything.
Fletcher: Yes.

Don't worry. When I bury you, I won't call to brag first.

Nikita [to Percy]

Nikita: You call to brag?
Percy: It's called gloating, and I earned it.

Emile: You certainly don't fight like a banker.
Nikita: You do.

Alex: I thought it'd be easier on the outside
Nikita: It's never easy Alex. You can't let your guard down. You have to live the lie.
Alex: Until the lie becomes your life.
Nikita: That's right.

Nikita: Happy Valentines day. You ditch the old one?
Alex: My gift to the Hudson River.

Nikita: Let the prince go.
Michael: I'm not going to do that.
Nikita: Some prince, huh?

Nikita: NYPD, do you copy?
Michael: Hello, Nikita.

Prince: I have no anesthetic.
Nikita: It's ok I've had worse.
Prince: From doctors or other men?

When I was at Division... well, I never got one of those merits, but I heard they suck.

Prince: Who are they? Who are you?
Nikita: Intros later. Now run.

Nikita Quotes

Terminate with extreme prejudice.


Alex: So....
Nikita: So....

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Elephant song Elephant Song The Enemy iTunes
Song Fuego Bomba Estereo iTunes
The step and the walk The Step And The Walk The Duke Spirit iTunes