FBI  - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11
Stiles finally got out of Beacon Hills, and he's at Quantico. His time at Beacon Hills stopping werewolves has certainly prepared him for the job of being an FBI agent.

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11: "Said the Spider to the Fly"
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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Scott: You guys didn't hear his voice. He sounded really excited to be there.
Malia: Just play the voicemail.
Stiles: Hey, Scott, so I'm here. I'm in Quantico, Virginia at the FBI. I'm at the freaking FBI! It's real. I'm really here. Look I kinda told Lydia that I miss her, and I can't wait to get home, but listen, Scott, whatever you're doing right now just make sure you're still getting out of Beacon Hills. Maybe you think that, you know, the whole thing falls apart if you're not there, which I get, but you have to. I know you're supposed to drive out tonight, so if you don't call me back, just promise me that you're going. Just get in the Jeep and go.

Lydia: Then it's true.
Malia: Then what's true? What else did you hear?
Lydia: The sound of people who have never lifted a hand against another human being.
Scott: Someone was killing them?
Lydia: They were killing each other.