Boden has a way with facial expressions, and this one says a lot!

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Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 7: "Red Flag"
Wallace Boden
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chicago, IL, US
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Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

Mouch: The fire lane is literally reserved for us.
Carver: Damn. A hundred bucks.
Tony: Should have got the flank steak.

Violet: Lennox, you know I'm the PIC, right?
Lennox: Of course.
Violet: Because you seemed confused about it on the scene.
Lennox: I wasn't confused. I was just trying to help out with what was going on and everything.
Violet: There's no time to debate treatment options when lives are on the line. I give an order, and you do it.
Lennox: I didn't mean offense. My old firehouse, the PIC and I worked differently. Danny was cool with input
Violet: I'm sorry the bells went off before we had a chance to talk procedure. But this is how it works here.