You're not doing your job as a parent unless your kid is scared to death of you.


Maybe you should ponder that situation for a while, instead of struttin' around here, shaking your ass.


That's what not only makes him a good firefighter, but a good man.


Losing that mug was the best thing that ever happened to this place.


Matt: I guess that's the crux of it, the thing I've never really understood.
Gabby: What?
Matt: When you adopted Louie without me, when you hid the fact that you were helping Bria. You make these big emotional decisions as if my input doesn't matter.
Gabby: Baby, of course it matters. I care deeply how you feel, but I can't be dependent on it, or on you.
Matt: Why not, Gabby? What's wrong with being dependent on someone who loves you with everything he has?!

Gabby: Listen, I'm sorry I jumped at you on that call. I --
Sylvie: I have never been spoken to like that before in my life. Not on the sidewalk, not at work, certainly not by someone who's supposed to be my partner.

Spencer: You guys bring any food?
Sylvie: Uh, no, that's Postmates.
Spencer: Can you call them?

Cruz [about the success of the Slamigan]: I figured I'd celebrate.
Stella: By booking two nights at one of the most romantic spots in America? You taking Otis? Hmm?

Gabby: I don't want to be rash or impulsive...but I've decided that we're gonna keep trying for a baby.
Matt: You've decided?
Gabby: Well, it's my body, so it's my choice.

So obviously it was bad advice! Since I said it, you haven't been able to sleep, you had sex with a married woman, you got punched in the face, and now you blew a big Slamigan sale.


Mouch: Did you guess the secret ingredient?
Stella: Oh.....No.
Mouch: Stawberries!
Capp [from further down the table]: Oh great. Now I don't get to guess!

Renee and Kelly may be working on a case together. That's fine, but now she knows not to angle for anything more than that. [Herrmann laughs] I might have gone a little psycho, but a girl's got to get proactive sometimes.


Chicago Fire Quotes

I was hoping to get back on shift today.


Chief, I don't know who Roger Maddox had to step on to get where he is in life. but he picked the wrong people this time. We're the ones who run into the fires when the rats are running out. He's just another rat. We're gonna step on him.