If anything else happens to Isaac, we'll make sure you go to prison for the rest of your life. Try us if you don't think that'll happen.


What kind of person are you trying to railroad a 15-year-old child?


Severide: Chief still all up in your business about Gallo?
Casey: He just needs a little time to see what I see, that's all.

Boden: This is a dangerous job. He's not bulletproof.
Casey: Understood.

Isaac: I was so scared.
Brett; It's OK, Isaac, I'm right here.
Isaac: Tell him I'm sorry, alright?

Brett: How do you like the new guy?
Boden: Eh, jury's out.

No I could never date anyone there; it’s against the rules. Pretty much everyone breaks them, but still.


Gallo: I realize this opportunity comes to me at a very high cost to 51. I don’t take that lightly. I know I’ll be walking in the shadow of a beloved member of this family. I intend to honor Otis’ memory in everything I do here.
Boden: Welcome to 51.

Boden: He’s a daredevil Casey. He’s not coming into my firehouse.
Casey: Chief, as captain of Truck 81, I should have the right to pick my own crew.
Boden: I have just buried a firefighter, and I’m not going to bury another one.

Foster: Wow, how many shampoos does one woman need?
Kidd: When Brett emptied her locker, I took in her toiletries. I didn’t want them to feel abandoned.

The order was mine. In a fire scene, in all the chaos and unpredictability, a firefighter can only relay back to his incident commander the information he has at the time, but it is up to the chief to make a decision where or when to send the additional resources … It was I, not Captain Casey, not anyone else, but I who ordered them into the fire scene. So if you are looking to blame someone, if you are looking for a human scapegoat, blame me.


You know what my big fear is? We got all these plaques on the wall and these badges at the academy, but what happens five years from now, or ten, when we’re all split up and there’s new firefighters walking the halls at 51. And somebody goes, ‘Who is that guy,’ and nobody knows.


Chicago Fire Quotes

Stella: How's the new partner?
Brett: Well, he's either called me you, girl or a general grunt. How did you work here?

Severide: There's one thing that's become crystal clear in all of this.
Casey: What's that?
Severide: It's either him or me. I'm not going anywhere.