We got a mystery odor, and for once, it's not coming from Otis.


As soon as you get out of touch with someone, when they feel like you've distanced yourself from their concerns, their problems, what were inches between you can grow into miles. I've been doing a little too much of that lately. Distancing myself.


I can't smell anything anymore. It's like my nostrils just gave up.


Mouch: Trudy and I have been turning the back bedroom into an Air B-n-B -- well, thinking about it. In preparation, I've been watching some DIY videos on plumbing. This might be a mainline problem.
Herrmann: Do it yourself plumbing? What could go wrong?

It's a total tear down. Chip and Jo-Jo would agree with me.


It is all kinds of awesome riding with you. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me some Gabby, but...we click, like ruby slippers.

Sylvie [to Stella]

Herrmann [referring to the mysterious smell]: My guess is it's the paramedics. I mean, who knows what they keep in their bunks.
Mouch: Because they're...women?
Hermann: Maybe?
Mouch: That deserves no reply.

Morning room-dawgs!


Julian [smarmily]: And who is this lovely lady?
Boden: Oh, you don't want no part of Connie, trust me.

Otis: Go on, spill it you're seeing someone.
Sylvie: Um, I don't need my roommates broadcasting what I do off shift to the entire firehouse.
Otis: That's the whole point of being roommates.

Stella: What are ya doing?
Kelly [by upturned table]: I'm tired of the wobble.
Stella: Well, jam paper under the legs.
Kelly: I'm not taking advice from a woman who duct tapes her mirror to the wall.

Sylvie: You don't think I can sleep with Antonio without getting hurt again. [pause] The thing is, I'm not the same person that I was when we were dating before. I don't know how to explain it.
Gabby: Less Fowlerton, more Chicago?

Chicago Fire Quotes

Severide: Be careful. Someone might hand you a halligan if the bells go off.
Clarke: I'd love that actually.

Mouch: Donuts.
Herrmann: What?
Mouch: My advice is bring donuts.
Hermann: That's your advice for everything.
Mouch: Yeah. Because it works.