Violet: You’ve texted me five times in the last 24 hours.
Gallo: Well, you didn’t text me back, and I was wondering what was up.
Violet: What’s up is that we aren’t in a serious relationship, which sometimes means we might go a little while without texting or talking, and there’s no reason to freak out.
Gallo: I’m not freaked out.
Violet: The last text asked if I was dead.

Severide: Capp?
Capp: Hey guys.
Severide: What the hell are you doing?
Capp: They said I need to rest my eyes.
Severide: They said stay under hospital supervision.
Casey: You need to go back and see Dr. Halstead or he’s reporting you to the CFD.
Capp: I’m already feeling better.

Herrmann: Hey, how’s Capp doing?
Severide: Don’t know but might have to kill him.
Casey: He skipped out against doctor’s orders.

Brett: You reapplied to med school?
Foster: I… I wanted to tell you. I started to, but first I just wanted to know if it was even a possibility.
Brett: Well, it sounds like it is a possibility Foster.
Foster: I have a meeting Wednesday with admissions. First, I just wanted to… you and me, I think we should talk about it.
Brett: Why? It seems you’ve already made up your mind.

Violet: What’s going on with you?
Gallo: The other day when you said you were going out to the Sox game with another guy…
Violet: Yeah?
Gallo: I just… I guess I didn’t really like it. That’s all.
Violet: You didn’t like it?
Gallo: Yeah.
Violet: You’re the one who said we should see other people.
Gallo: No, I know. I just didn’t think you actually would.
Violet: So you figured you would see other people, and I would what, just sit at home, mooning after you.
Gallo: That’s not it at all.
Violet: You are the most arrogant…
Gallo: Maybe we should be exclusive.
Violet: Maybe we should break up.
Gallo: Maybe we should get married.

Severide: What’s this?
Capp: Ding a ling ding. It’s 51’s original bell. I’m gonna get it shining again.
Severide: Nah, not here.
Capp: Squad table’s everyone’s table. Er, I mean everyone on Squad’s table.

Foster: I need your advice, and I need to give it to me straight.
Kidd: Do I ever hold back?
Foster: No, you don’t, which is why I wanted to tell you I have a meeting on the books with the admission’s committee at Northwestern.
Kidd: Wait, start over.
Foster: I want to go back to med school.
Kidd: Wow, whoa.
Foster: It’s just a meeting, but yeah, it’s something I’ve been… I’ve had on my mind for a while.
Kidd: That’s great.
Foster: But the thing is that was before everything happened with Brett’s birth mom dying, and then Cruz moving out. What kind of friend would I be if I were to abandon her in the middle of all that?
Kidd: Look, I can’t tell you what to do here, but what I can tell you is you shouldn’t be talking to me. You should be talking to Brett.
Foster: So just dump this in her lap on top of everything she’s gone through? No, no thank you.
Kidd: She’s your partner, your roomie, and one of your best friends. Talk to her. You told me to give it you straight. I’m giving it to you straight.

Severide: Ever tell you the first time I met Capp? We get a fire call to this big apartment complex. The whole place is cooking, and there’s this woman stuck behind a door that I couldn’t open for the life of me. I tried wheel kicking it, prying the hinges, but couldn’t get the damn thing to budge. I feel this firefighter from another truck next to me, so I scream at him to get a sledgehammer. He heads away for about five steps, then turns back, runs, and flies through the air like the Karate Kid. And his foot goes right through the damn door, and now he’s stuck. But I can reach through the hole he made and finally unlock the door.
Casey: Only Capp.
Severide: Only Capp.

I know you read my application, and I know you are aware of the circumstances surrounding why I am reapplying to Northwestern. I made a life-altering mistake, and I won’t make excuses for it. That said, that mistake was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wasn’t ready, and I get that now. In the last three years, I have met and worked with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. And I’ve learned so much from all of them. With their help, I’ve been able to transform myself into a responsible, knowledgeable, caring, resourceful paramedic, the kind of paramedic who knows how to put the patient first and handle whatever is required on the other end of a 911 call. I’ve been in the trenches, and I know now that I am ready to be a great student and an even better doctor.


Ritter: What’s up with you and Violet?
Gallo: I told her we should keep it casual, see other people, and she took it the wrong way.
Ritter: There’s a right way?
Gallo: Dude, we just started going out. There’s uh, what do you call it? A grace period.
Ritter: I don’t think that’s a thing.

You get told a lot in high school what you can’t do, and you get it from all sides. You get it from your teachers, your classmates, but not here. In this program, you are going to get told over and over what you can do because I just saw what you can do. So don’t let anyone -- and I mean anyone -- ever stand between you and the goals you set for yourself.


Severide: You gave them a fine?
OSHA employee: Three fines, actually.
Severide: Still.
OSHA employee: We’re also assigning them training for the handling of hazardous materials.
Severide: Yeah, which we both know they won’t do.
OSHA employee: Then that’s another fine.
Severide: It’s not enough.
OSHA employee: It’s the best I can do. Precedent.
Severide: One of my men got hurt on that call, took in a face full of chlorine. He’s still not seeing clearly.
OSHA employee: Like I said…
Severide: I know what you said, and just so you know, I could have called and left a message instead of driving all the way down here to see you in person, but I wanted to look you in the eye and ask you not treat this case like another manila folder. Treat it like it’s a human being whose life and career was put at risk because of guys who pay a few fines and then keep right on doing what they’re doing. That’s all I ask.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Jimmy: Is it Groundhog Day or am I having a flashback?
Brett: Nope, same place.

I need more details. When you say a few dates, what do you mean? You mean, dinner and a movie or leave your toothbrush at his place kind of thing?