Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17 Review: She Canceled...

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Is there anyone who isn't having some kind of affair on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17?

You have to appreciate when an episode leaves you questioning everyone's alliance -- it's how you know the writers of a dramatic primetime soap are doing something right. 

The first half of Dynasty Season 3 lacked a certain spark, but the jaw-dropping storylines have finally been infused into these last few episodes. 

Culhane's Birthday - Dynasty

The ending of "She Canceled" rocked the boat in a way that's so shocking, twisted, and downright wrong, you simply cannot turn away from the trainwreck. 

On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 16, Laura made Blake a proposal that he seemingly couldn't resist. To get Carrington Atlantic back, he needed to break up Liam and Fallon. 

It sure seemed like Blake would do anything for his own benefit as he conspired with Laura and helped her plant seeds of doubt and insecurity into Liam's mind.

Blake: Just asking. You already divorced him one.
Fallon: Yeah, well, just trying to keep up with you.

This led to an explosive fight between Liam and Fallon at Culhane's birthday party and forced them to postpone the wedding. 

Laura was so disgustingly chipper about the whole situation, it's no surprise that Liam can't stand her. No loving mother would ever want to hurt her son in such a way. And it wouldn't be the first time.

Say Cheese - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

However, the fact that she believed it would be that easy to come between Fallon and Liam proves that she doesn't know her son nor does she understand how much he loves Fallon.

Fans of Falliam were not convinced because the pair has grown stronger and evolved since his amnesia.

Liam is not that insecure and he would never get jealous of Culhane. Culhane is Fallon's ex, but he's in the past, and Liam is well aware. He also trusts Fallon. 

Fallon would also never use that kind of tone or attitude with Liam no matter how angry they got with each other. 

Mom and Dad  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

It all seemed staged.

Initially, I thought Liam and Fallon caught onto Blake and Laura and were playing along, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Blake was working with them to get Carrington Atlantic back and stick it to Laura. 

But then Laura told him that her deal in Moldovia (clearly, the neighboring country of Genovia) went through ahead of schedule, so "breaking up" Liam and Fallon was pointless.

Liam: Anything to screw over my mother.
Fallon: Oh, I'll toast to that.

Why go through all that trouble?

Did Laura just make up an excuse so she could split them up? Is she so bored she needed to meddle?

Skipping Breakfast  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

Regardless, it seemed like we finally made a breakthrough with Blake until he turned around and hooked up with Laura! 

The amount of incest in this series, and yes, I think of this as incest, is next-level. Imagine finding out your dad hooked up with your mother-in-law!

However, Blake's actions were not entirely surprising. He's always been attracted to women who are just as conniving and wicked as he is. 

Remember how impressed he was when Cristal told him she tried to kill Alexis?

French Toast  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

He hasn't been as impressed with Cristal attempting to turn over a new leaf. It's lead them down a path of anger and resentment.

Since the couple isn't on good terms, it was much easier for Blake to cheat. And it was just as easy for Cristal to give into temptation and cheat on Blake with Father Collins! 

And on Good Friday, no less. 

And next time I tell you you're being used, maybe you'll listen.


Cristal's hook up was far less surprising than Blake's as the tension and chemistry between her and Caleb was building since they first met.  

Cristal tried to distance herself from him, but the pull was too strong. 

Man of the Hour - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

Of course, to make matters worse, Adam witnessed the whole thing. 

Adam hasn't been on the best terms with Cristal, so I can see him trying to use this intel as leverage to get back into Blake's good graces. 

Also, talk about a speedy recovery for Adam. The devil works hard, but Adam Carrington works harder. 

How will Blake and Cristal move forward? Will they simply forgive each other and pretend it never happened?

Put a Smile On  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

Will they have an open marriage?

Then, there's Culhane, who turned 25. Can you believe it? 25! 

Anders has always been the patriarch of this family, so I love that he was looking out for Culhane.

But the news that Vanessa and Dominique were using Culhane as a pawn to advance their careers shouldn't have come as much of a surprise. 

Culhane was hurt because he has feelings for Vanessa, but he also slept with her step-mother, so it was naive of him to think she'd forgive and forget that.

Smile for the Camera - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

One can only hope that Culhane does something useful with this newfound information that causes Dominique and Vanessa's little reality TV world to crumble. 

It's also unfortunate that Culhane continues to pursue women that are bad news. 

Speaking of bad news, Sammy got played and all Kirby could say was, "I told you so."

Sammy had a blind spot for Ramy, which was frustrating to watch. His guilt caused him to trust Ramy, and Ramy took advantage of that. 

Party Planner & Meddler - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

Unfortunately, this is a lesson Sammy needs to learn: when you've made a name for yourself and have money, you have to be very careful about who you allow back into your life. 

However, I'm less upset about the money being stolen and more upset with how Sammy treated Kirby. 

It was incredibly disrespectful of Sammy to tell Kirby he'd choose Ramy over her because Ramy served jail time for him. 

Kirby has always been nothing but a good friend who has been there for him through the good and bad.

Tried Warning Ya - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

She saw something in Ramy that Sammy didn't see and was simply looking out for him. 

So many people treat Kirby like she's disposal, so I love that she still showed up for a job that she's good at but informed Sammy that she wasn't ready to be his friend just yet. 

Friends don't treat friends the way Sammy treated Kirby. 

Fallon also learned a hard lesson about not allowing your past to influence your future. 

A Family Meal  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

A handful of leaked negative employee reviews gave Fallon a new perspective on her behavior -- she needs to stop making excuses and blaming her past for her current actions and how she treats people. 

And that includes her mother. 

She may not have been there for her back in the day, but she was now, and Alexis is simply trying to make amends. 

Fallon realized that she needed to be more kind and compassionate to her employees, and while we don't expect her to turn over a new leaf immediately, it's always nice to see her confront certain behaviors and understand why she is behaving the way she is. 

The Most Important Meal of the Day  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

Most of it can be attributed to her childhood and upbringing, but the toxicity of being a Carrington doesn't have to define her anymore. 

While Fallon's behavior is something we've grown accustomed to, it doesn't make it okay. Much of it is abusive and as a woman CEO, she needs to set a better example. 

Honey, my feet don't get cold. Fallon can always find another fiancee, but there's only one Carrington Atlantic.


I hope that the series embraces these behavioral changes while still keeping the core of the character intact. 

As for Aunt Alexis, who knew she was so wise beyond her years? For someone who ran away from the responsibilities of being a mother, she sure gives good advice! 

What did you think of the episode? 

Be sure to watch Dynasty online and share your thoughts in the comments below! 

She Cancelled... Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Blake: Just asking. You already divorced him one.
Fallon: Yeah, well, just trying to keep up with you.

Honey, my feet don't get cold. Fallon can always find another fiancee, but there's only one Carrington Atlantic.