I'm crazy about you Michael but I am not crazy enough to put up with your ex or your feelings for her.


You're in business my with my sister now. For our family that means more than marriage.


What good is all the money Blake if you don't have the freedom to spend it or the family to spend it on?


Cristal: Whole team.
Fallon: And not one sex tape!

You know there's a thin line between true love and truly psycho.


It's a big company, people talk. And women will never break through the glass ceiling if they're always looking for a shard to stab each other with.


Oh, I don't believe in luck. I believe in opportunity. And this one is one I had no intention of letting slip by.


And if you land Woman of the Year, you get the cover. Businessmen at every newsstand will thank me.


Fallon: Ugh, how do people live like this -- waiting in line?
Culhane: Uh, your Carrington's showing.

You pick and choose your lies like you do your men.


Fallon: Hey, the best thing mom ever taught us is what we learned when she left: you can only rely on yourself. And me.

Fallon: Fine, let her have it. Everyone here knows I was born into diamonds. The only way you could get any was by spreading your legs.
Cristal: If only diamonds could buy class.

Dynasty Quotes

Everyday, I take one mans dirt and turn it into diamonds. And digging up insider info is even easier when they assume I work for the airline, instead of owning the plane.


Like it or not, we live in an age of dynasties. Who else can you trust to run the family business?