Kirby: I'm really amazed at how well you've handled all this Liam stuff.
Fallon: Well, as long as he doesn't take his shirt off, or look at me with his eyes, I should be able to stay focused.

Fallon: I am not working with Liam, Kirby. You were in Sun Valley.
Kirby: Where you made a mockery of your dignity, self-esteem, and feminism in general? Yes, I was there.

Okay, I am doing something with my life. And I assure you, I don't want Liam Ridley or John Southside to have any part in it. Nice porn name, by the way.


Fallon: So, let me get this straight, you're writing a book?
Blake: You can relax. I took a man's business card if that's what you mean.
Fallon: That book was my opportunity to tell my story. The story about a young girl who always dreamed of growing up to be powerful and respected, just like her father. But as it turns out, I have always lacked the requisite hardware because nobody cares what a woman has to say as long as there's a man willing to give his two cents.
Blake: I can see that you are emotional. But this isn't about your being a woman.
Fallon: Wow. Really? Every day I spent with you C.A helping you build that company, and all of a sudden, Adam shows up, and the prodigal son returns.

Adam: I can't believe dad would do all this just for me.
Fallon: Oh, calm down. Last year we threw a party for the dog, and it was better.

Fallon: Good thing you're just a hack. Now, get your sorry ass out of my house, now.
Ghostwriter: You have nothing to show for yourself but a string of failures and scandals. Now you want a memoir celebrating your success. Sure, I'm the hack, you're an entitled little rich bitch.
Fallon: Get out!

It is one thing for you to damage your own reputation, but now you're bringing down everyone with you. Make this right.


Adam: I'm Adam.
Fallon: So Adam, do you have a last name?
Adam: Carrington. I'm your brother.

Anders: It's the Carrington's for you. What they lack in tact they make up for in hospitality. We've had all kinds of wastes and strays; crazy murderer, kidnapping nanny, faux gurus.
Adam: Do you think that's me?
Anders: I hope not. But I've learned the hard way not to trust strangers. I'm hoping for a positive result so that we could erase Hank from our lives.

Alright, here's how this is gunna go. I'm gunna tell Anders to book you a room at a Motel 7 or 8 or whatever, I don't care, and if the DNA test results are positive, we will move you to a Ritz. But for now, I'm perfectly fine being an only child.


Look, I swear, any other day we would be very open to having you scam us, but my dad is a mess and he doesn't need any more stress right now. Maybe you can, I don't know, come back in a month and we can go from there?


Welcome to our home away from home. Well, one of them.


Dynasty Quotes

The whole antebellum thing is giving me "Get Out" vibes.


Everyday, I take one mans dirt and turn it into diamonds. And digging up insider info is even easier when they assume I work for the airline, instead of owning the plane.