Claws Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Zaddy Was a Rolling Stone

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Desna tried to stay away from the casino, but it kept pulling her back.

That was because Dean had become addicted to mah-jongg and wouldn't leave the casino on Claws Season 3 Episode 5.

Not for Virginia, not for Desna, not for anybody.

Virginia's Sad Moment -- Tall - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

Even though Melba told Mac to cut Dean loose, Dean had become Mac's latest stray, like Joe before him. 

That's probably because Dean, like Mac, had been abandoned by his father, so Mac felt a sort of kinship to him. That also made Dean susceptible to Mac's interest in him. 

Directing Star - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

Each was filling a hole in the other's life.

That was one reason why it was essential to bring back Dean and Desna's father into their lives.

The other was Desna's severe distrust of men, which was keeping her from allowing Roller to move in with her.

A highlight was the rap featuring Desna and Roller concerning her feelings about him living with her. You have to love those production numbers that come out of nowhere.

It turned out that Desna had been keeping track of their father Calvin all these years. He had gotten free of his addiction and had become a prominent architect.

New Friend - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

Her crew wisely pointed out that she should meet Calvin because she wouldn't be able to move forward with Roller until she had dealt with her past disappointments.

The only problem was that Calvin seemingly rejected Desna when she approached him at one of his job sites.

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So Calvin was off to a bad start when it came to reconnecting with his children.

Fortunately, he had the common sense to track down Desna at her salon.

On a side note, how could Desna be surprised that Calvin was able to find her in this Internet age? It's not like she hasn't been in the news a bit recently for her various side projects.

Surrogate Father - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

I think Desna let him back in rather quickly, considering their history.

But she had a bigger problem: rescuing Dean from Mac and mah-jongg. Calvin could get into the casino whereas Desna was on a security watch list. 

Calvin and Dean fell into an easy camaraderie at the mah-jongg table. It was obvious that they both had a passion for architecture.

They also both had addictive personalities. When Dean lost a round because he had been chatting with Calvin, he asked Calvin to leave so that he could concentrate on mah-jongg, his form of addiction.

Also, Calvin had put himself on Mac's radar, not a good place to be, as Calvin would soon find out.

Calvin had exactly the right bribe to get Dean to leave the casino: a private tour of his favorite museum, which Calvin fortuitously was restoring.

(How did Desna slip into the casino? She's not one to blend into the background.)

Dean and Calvin were in their glory comparing notes inside the museum, with Desna just shaking her head.

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Calvin couldn't be bought off by Mac. So Melba, wanting to make Mac happy, dosed Calvin instead.

Desna and Dean were ready to believe the worst about Calvin when they saw him at the museum event, with Dean rushing back to his father figure Mac and the mah-jongg tournament.

Time to Make Up - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

But when repentant Calvin came to Desna and explained the weird things that had happened to him, she knew instinctively he was telling the truth.

That pissed off Desna enough that she grabbed her handgun, looking for vengeance.

Which begs the question: Why, after Mac and Melba got Desna to sign over her share of the casino, are they still messing with her? Just let Dean go and sever any ties.

But no. They just can't take the win. And that will cost them in the end, either from Desna or "The Professor" they keep referencing.

If Dean can't kick his mah-jongg addiction, he's going to lose the best thing that ever happened to him: Virginia.

Displaced Counselor - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

She rightfully was losing her patience with him, especially after he abandoned her to go back to the casino when she was trying to help him.

Virginia was able to help others by filling in for Bryce at the rehab center, using her newfound healing gifts to get through to the pillbillies there on Brenda's suggestion.

She was also crucial in healing the rift in the Husser family.

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Uncle Daddy was falling for Brenda, which can only be trouble, especially now we know Toby is violent. He shared Clay with Juanda, and I doubt he wants to go back to that kind of arrangement.

Bryce quit rather than counsel Brenda against Jen's wishes, even though he proved to be miserable not working there.

Oops Moment - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

Quiet Ann made the sensible suggestion of getting Jenn and Brenda back together. Virginia was able to get Jenn to think back to how Brenda had helped her in the past, and new wounds were forgiven.

Another funny moment was when Jenn threw out the girl for cultural appropriation, only to realize she was somewhat guilty of the same thing. I guess that's what happens when you grow up with Desna for a best friend.

Polly also couldn't leave behind the casino, sneaking in to see Joe and continue their protection racket.

Sneak Attack - Claws Season 3 Episode 5

That was until Yolanda tried to shake them down and Joe ended up killing her. That's when Polly realized the potential danger she faced and got out of that relationship.

Too bad. I was enjoying his pet names for her and her outrageous disguises.

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Quiet Ann and Arlene moved in together again, just in time for Ann to discover the risks of sex with men.

So, positive outcomes for Jenn and Polly, trouble for Ann, and it's hard to say for Virginia and Desna. At least no one was in immediate danger.

To find out about the casino storyline, watch Claws online.

Is having Calvin back a positive or negative for Desna and Dean?

Did Polly make the right decision?

How much longer can Virginia hold on?

Comment below.

Zaddy Was a Rolling Stone Review

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Claws Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Roller, every man in my life has disappointed me, failed me, and left me, starting with my damn Daddy.


Desna: Crybaby. I know you like pain.
Roller: Hey! You're savage, D. That's why you're the boss.