If this is going to go anywhere, I need to know more about you than how you like your pussy licked.

Arlene [to Quiet Ann]

You need something taken care of, you come to me. That's what I'm here for.

Quiet Ann [to Desna]

{Dean] has the same urges as any man, and I don't want him tempted by your kibbles and bits.

Desna [to Virginia]

Hank is cool and all, but you're a married woman. This is a do-si-don't.

Desna [to Jenn]

I get overloaded in crowds. It's like a million different TVs, and they're all playing different channels.

Dean [to Virginia]

Virginia: At this point in my life, I'm not looking for a boyfriend.
Dean: I understand.
Virginia: You do?
Dean: Yeah. It would be weird for you to look for a boyfriend when you have me.

All your shit is poppin'. Now go cover it up.

Desna [to Dean]

I think he's capable of a lot more than you do. Maybe you need to let him off his leash or something.

Virginia [to Desna]

Desna: I spent my whole life raising him, and he picks Gang Bang Wang as his first girlfriend.
Polly: I agree Virginia isn't ideal, being a half idiot and all, but you've got to remember you did a great job raising Dean, and we will beat her ass to death if anything bad happens to him.

In my next life, Lord, let me come back as a white hillbilly.

Desna [looking at Jenn's mansion]

I love you more than the moon and the stars, but if you try to leave me, I will put you down.

Gladys [to Roller]

Get up there and demand your respect. Cowboy up.

Roller [to Gladys]

Claws Quotes

Girl, can you come down off the cross, because we need the wood.

Jenn [to Desna]

Desna: Leave some of your stuff because people knew you were together.
Virginia: OK, Nancy Drew.