Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Our Turn Now

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Never underestimate a Carrington. 

Cecil has repeated the phrase several times throughout the series and on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15, Jeff Colby finally learned the hard way. 

I really had no idea where the writers were going to take this wedding arc. Would Fallon really marry Jeff? Would they stop it on time? There were so many things that could go sideways. 

I Guess I Do - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15

And they did. In fact, it seemed like Blake's team wouldn't get the intel in order to stop the vows in time. 

When Blake finally did stand up to object the union, I let out a sigh of relief, but Fallon just kept it moving. 

Why did she willingly want to go through with this wedding? 

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The answer? Because she's brilliant and found a way to position herself as the most powerful family member. She knew what she wanted since she was a little girl and would stop at nothing to get it. 

Fallon has never been one to rely on a man for a sense of happiness or self-worth. Maybe that's because the only men in her life, aside from Steven, have let her down. 

Or maybe it's because she's an independent woman who knows that women are stronger. Whatever fuel fires her, it's safe to say she'll never be a damsel in distress.

Teaming up with Cristal was just icing on the cake.

Fallon's Faux Engagement - Dynasty

Despite their, for lack of a better word, distaste for each other, Cristal and Fallon are quite similar. 

And both are sick of getting walked all over and "whored out" by a man they love. Blake's motives may have been in the right place but let's face it, sometimes he needs to be put in his place. 

They single-handedly took down all the men in the series in one fell swoop. Cristal even signed off on the whole plan as COO of Carrington Atlantic. Boss status.

Cristal: He was essentially asking me to whore myself out.
Fallon: Well, at least daddy recognizes your true talent.

Jeff Colby was so confident that Fallon was blindsided by love, he didn't see any of it coming. That's what made it even better. She effortlessly tricked him into giving her back Morell Corp and 25% of his company, while he got nothing because their marriage was negated as she was already married to some other shmuck.

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But also, who is this shmuck? Chances are Liam knew exactly who she was when he approached her. 

Generally, men don't just agree to marry a stranger dressed in all white sitting outside of City Hall on the whim unless there's something very valuable in it for them.

Yes, Fallon offered a lump sum of money which could have sufficed, but once you get a taste, you'll always want more.

Blind Date - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15

I'm thinking Liam isn't going to be easily written off and this marriage won't be annulled by Monday. 

And it can go one of two ways -- it can be another messy relationship that Fallon needs to weasel out of or she'll actually fall for Liam, given he didn't have ulterior motives going into it. 

The third option is that Liam Ridley is actually someone of great importance. The way he said his name made it seem like he was a "somebody" she should have known. 

I've been rooting for Culhane and Fallon for quite some time, but he has every right to be upset with her. Her decision to marry him may have been rooted in love but there's always a "but." n this case, it was her plan. 

Fallon: What? I asked for violet campions.
Maid: Yes. But that flower only grows on the Rock of Gibraltar. It's quite rare.
Fallon: So? The Carringtons and the Colbys are getting married. Our flowers will be picked off the hard, cold surface of your ass if we want them to be.

Yes, it would have been a bigger gut punch to Colby had she actually married Culhane, but it would have broken Culhane to continuously be second best.

He deserves so much more than being just a pawn in her game; when will she learn that?

They've tried to say goodbye many times before, so I don't think these two will ever quit each other. Although, maybe they should?

Before any of these issues can become a priority, the Carringtons have to deal with their grandfather's heart attack. It seems like all the excitement got the best of him. 

I Object - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15

Cecil may have been the root cause of it, but the blood is on Cristal's hands. She's the one that got him involved in the first place. It was a naive choice considering Tom has never been good for much of anything. 

I can't even say I felt bad when he croaked because he's a terrible man. At least Blake seemingly has a conscience; Tom is sexist, racist and every other "ist" that exists, I'm sure.

He called immigration on Sammy Jo, which is unfortunate because things were finally on the up-and-up for him and Steven. I don't know what it is about these two, but I'm just so invested in them. 

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Tom mentioned that you have to sacrifice a lot at the top, which explains his soulless decision. Once the public gets wind of all of this, Steven's can kiss his run for office goodbye. 

How does he plan on explaining his relationship with Sammy? Will it just be a secret? Apparently, every relationship with a Carrington has to be kept hush-hush.

Fallon: Are you undocumented?
Sam: I'm a citizen of the world.

Before his death, Tom also clarified a misconception that Cecil has based most of his revenge on. I say most because Blake did a lot of shady stuff to him but it seems like he was most hurt by the Mr. Steal Yo Girl part of it. 

Except Blake has been telling the truth all along apparently. What did Tom mean by "Blake was protecting me." Was Tom the one who had an affair with Ms. Colby?

In that case, Blake never broke up the family and Alexis, who will blow into town just in time for the funeral, left on her own merits. Or because of that custody battle Blake rigged to keep the kids. 

Sorry, this family has so many tangled webs going, it's hard to keep up. 

I Told You So - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15

And as for Cecil, there's a reason he's never been able to beat out Blake -- he's unqualified. Blake, Fallon, Jeff, heck, even Monica, all use their wits and logic to play the long game with each other. 

None of them have ever resorted to physical violence, which Cecil couldn't comprehend. That's the poor mans thinking. He's so desperate he'd rather go back to prison than live a life of luxury knowing he outsmarted them. 

Blake: Why didn't you tell me? You put me through hell.
Cristal: Maybe you deserved a trip to hell.

Jeff saved him for the second time, but I'm willing to bet the Carrington's have cameras set up everywhere. Even if Blake doesn't have them in his study, he likely has them in the hallway right outside the study and will see that the Colby's were the last two in there before his father collapsed.

Jeff has done some questionable things, but I was genuinely shocked that he didn't even call for help and just let Tom die. He's no better than Blake and the blood is on his hands now.

Will Jeff give up his vendetta or will he come back harder at Fallon, especially since she now has a stake in his company? 

You can watch Dynasty online and leave your thoughts below! 

Our Turn Now Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Fallon: What? I asked for violet campions.
Maid: Yes. But that flower only grows on the Rock of Gibraltar. It's quite rare.
Fallon: So? The Carringtons and the Colbys are getting married. Our flowers will be picked off the hard, cold surface of your ass if we want them to be.

Cristal: He was essentially asking me to whore myself out.
Fallon: Well, at least daddy recognizes your true talent.