Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 13 Review: It Only Gets Much Worse

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Well now. That was quite the tearjerker. 

You know, once we got over the childish antics and middle-school shenanigans going on, of course. There was a lot of tension, more than a few chuckles, a touch of politics, and tragedy. My heart still hurts from the last bit.

It seems like Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 13 made some strides in the whole Eliza/Bailey debacle. Although, I'm not entirely sure if things are going to be much better or much worse from this point on.

Eliza's Next Phase - Grey's Anatomy

We'll start with the funny and immature parts of the episode. 

I will admit it was terrible that the others had April sitting by herself like the nerdy kid shunned from the popular table. That was rough for little Ms. Sunshine.

It wasn't fair to April. She didn't have a say in taking Meredith's position. She was just doing her job.

I'm sure she was expecting the others to be hard on her, but I don't think she anticipated to catch as much hell as she did. 

Most of the crew were rather bitter. Her entire exchange with Richard, with a surprisingly (but hilariously) judgmental Arizona nearby, was awkward. Even Jackson didn't cut her much slack, although he blamed his mother for it more than anything. 

jackson avery

But by the time she got to Meredith's patient Mrs. Gagliono, I was in stitches. That woman showed April, oops, I mean "Not Dr. Grey" no mercy. She was not pleased with April's presence. 

Can you blame the woman? Meredith was her doctor from the beginning. She held her hand through the entire experience. She was the doctor Mrs. Gagliono knew and with whom she was the most comfortable. 

All of a sudden, come surgery day, Meredith is out of the picture, and she has some new doctor she knows nothing about and to whom she has no connection. 

Mrs. Gagliono:[points at April] She's gonna take out my cancer?
April: Mrs.Gagliono, I have successfully operated on several esophageal cancer...
Mrs. Gagliono: Listen, Dr. Not Grey, I don't care what you've done. Dr. Grey found my cancer. She told me about it. She held my hand while I bawled about it. She told me how she was going to take it out. I've been going to the same hair stylist for 23 years. Why? Because she knows how I like my roots done. Dr. Grey knows my roots!

This is one of the many issues I have with Eliza's process. There are certain procedures done and sometimes patients who don't want someone unfamiliar working on them. And some people don't want residents or interns working on them, either, depending on what's being done. 

Mrs. Gagliono was not having it, though. It led to a rather hilarious, albeit extremely unprofessional, moment with April rambling in that shrieky, neurotic way of hers. She's the nicest person ever. So much nicer than Meredith. 

ga april kepner

I mean, she is nicer than Meredith, but she's also that annoying kind of nice, so I could see why Mrs. Gagliono was looking at her like she had two heads. 

Maggie was loving every second of this exchange, and I was sort of loving Maggie, but annoyed with her, too. She was being childish, but also pretty darn funny.

You will never say that Maggie Pierce doesn't support her people. She is going to bat for Meredith and Richard. 

ga maggie and jo

It wasn't fair that she kept blaming April for the position that April found herself in, or that she behaved as if April was somehow responsible for the patient not being able to have her cancer taken out. 

April was entirely within her rights to want to kick Maggie out of her OR because she didn't like Maggie's attitude. I didn't agree with it, but I get why she wanted to do it. 

Then came the entire conversation between the rest of the attendings during lunch. 

Talk about timing. 

Owen: How's Kepner doing?
Maggie: What do you mean how's Kepner doing? She's a turncoat.
Owen: But she's also a friend.
Arizona: Yes, she's a friend. She's a poor, misguided, very confused friend. It's like you found out that your friend voted wrong.
Owen: Can you vote wrong?
Riggs, Jackson, Arizona, and Maggie simultaneously: Yes. Absolutely. Yeah!

Coming off of quite an eventful day in our current political spectrum, we got the gang pretty much having a debate about whether or not April's treatment is fair. 

Look, they tried to nod at current events. April easily could have represented everyone from a cabinet member being appointed to that friend with different political views than you. Arizona and Maggie were the two steady to the point of indignant in their beliefs.

Jackson was trying to remain neutral but really wasn't. Riggs was that guy who plays devil advocate, and Owen was the "is it really that bad?" guy who comes across admirable or aloof depending on your stance. 

That's basically my entire Facebook timeline in a nutshell.

So Hunt, are you with us? Or are you too busy being Switzerland over there?


Did I laugh at the scene? Oh, you bet your bottom dollar I did. Was it forced? A resounding yes.

Grey's is no stranger to making statements, and I'm one of the people who doesn't mind, but I did crinkle my nose at that one because they tried too hard to pull off that particular metaphor.

I am getting a kick out of Riggs' new status in the attending group. Remember when the only people who ever actually hung out with him were Meredith and Maggie? 

Every time the camera pans to him, he looks like the kid that's just positively giddy over the fact that he fits in now. Good for you Riggs!

On to the disappointing aspects. 

The attendings are up in arms, and I get why. But the residents are having the time of their lives. 

Ben, not so much. I was very proud of Ben when he got to do his own surgery. I even loved the fact that Richard was going to be the attending looking after him. 

I didn't like that it was a surgery taken from Richard, because if they really want to convince people that this hasn't been a flat out attack against him, then they need to stop only coming after him. 

April: I'd like Dr. Warren to scrub in as primary surgeon.
Arizona: You'd like?
April: can assist, and help. Only when requested, but it will be his OR.
Richard: Why don't you let Bailey take this one?
April: Because I've assigned it to you.
Richard: Well, I suggest you un-assign it.

The majority of this tension with Eliza wouldn't be an issue if it didn't somehow turn into a movement to shut Richard out of everything. The man can't even do his surgeries without them being taken away from him. C'mon now.

Nevertheless, Richard has always been a teacher first. It's his thing. 

So it ticked me the hell off, that Bailey honed in on Ben's solo surgery with Richard. Why would she do that?

It wasn't really about Ben because Ben has told her time and time again to stay out of things because he catches enough hell as it is being her husband. 

Ben: I have enough problems being your First Lady. Just stay out of it.
Miranda: My first what?

It was all about her proving some sort of point. How else was Richard supposed to take her presence, other than she felt he wouldn't be professional enough to teach Ben without taking over?

It was so grossly disrespectful. And that's the root of all of this. The sheer disrespect she has shown this man, her friend, her mentor, her father-figure in this whole situation.

I was so upset that Bailey and Webber's bickering took away from Ben's moment. Like he said, he can never experience that first time again. 

This is my first time as primary on a surgery. It should have at least been fun, but you two were so busy arguing about how to teach or not teach, students, that you forgot that you had one in here. I'm sorry, no disrespect it's just...this is my first. I'm never gonna get another one.


All of this fighting amongst the higher ups has taken away from the residents getting the education that they deserve. 

I almost laughed out loud at the other residents somehow being surprised that Stephanie and Ben were the two to get solo surgeries. Murphy has been back all of ten days, and honestly half the time I forget she's there. And Jo...she's been the weakest of the residents.

I wasn't a fan of the manner in which Stephanie and Eliza behaved. I know a certain amount of detachment is necessary for that field, but I also don't like when it comes across as if they forget they're dealing with human beings.

But my mouth dropped when Eliza chose to have Stephanie go solo on a kid. 

That was just unacceptable to me. Stephanie is amazing, and she has to learn things sometimes, but kids should be off limits when it comes to essentially being a guinea pig.

Not only that, but Eliza didn't plan on consulting Arizona at all. Neither she nor Stephanie has a specialty in pediatrics, so why would you leave out the one doctor there who does?

grey's 13x13

I had a feeling the case would end in tragedy, and sure enough, it did. 

No one ever wants to see a kid die. As a doctor, you certainly don't want to lose one on the table. Stephanie was devastated. 

But instead of comforting her or being there to guide her through such a rough experience, Eliza bailed. 

Fortunately, that left us with the best scene of the night. Richard, doing what he does best, mentoring Stephanie and holding her when she needed it most while she cried. 

richard webber

That is precisely why Richard is so valuable and so necessary to the hospital. And that's why the Minnick approach is something that should be adapted as it seems fit, but not used to overhaul Webber's decades of work. 

Were we supposed to sympathize with Eliza? 

Call me heartless, if you so choose, but I just...didn't. If anything, the fact that she's never lost a child and has limited experience in other medical areas only makes me question her methods even more. 

How can she be an effective teacher when her approach is so hands off she can't even guide her students through a loss? 

Arizona: What the hell is wrong with you? She asked you a question she needed an answer!
Eliza: I know.
Arizona: What kind of teacher are you? You don't just teach what to do with their hands, you teach them what to do with this. How to live through this. You take it on yourself.
Eliza: I know.
Arizona: You don't! You are the attending. This is your loss. Okay? You take the hit. Because if you put it on her, she might quit. She might think that she can't survive it, so you show her that she can. You tell her that when this happened to me--
Eliza: It hasn't.
Arizona: What?
Eliza: I've never had a child die.

The irony, am I right? She spent all of this time riding in on her high horse, lecturing about teaching, and she ended up being the student. It goes to show you, that no matter what point you are in life, there's always more to learn.

It was nice that Arizona supported her when she needed it. It even led to a couple of nice moments between the two. See? I'm not completely heartless. 

I still don't ship them, though. And I still don't like Eliza. 

So what did you guys think of the episode? Do you think a truce is on the horizon? Will the Arizona and Eliza ship sail after this? Were they too hard on April? Hit up the comments below.

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It Only Gets Much Worse Review

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