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Mer: What have you thought of that we haven't?
DeLuca: What do you mean?
Mer: Are you going to pretend like you're not in here trying to figure out what's wrong with Richard?

Screw this plan, I want to get married to you as soon as possible. Let's do it this weekend.


Tom: Thank you.
Teddy: I'm so sorry because you've had more than enough pain.
Tom: You've taken away more than you've caused.

Richard, I can fix you, and I know I can fix you because you are the one who taught me everything I know, and I'm not just talking about surgery. You taught me how to be a better person, how to be a better mother, and what about my children? I need them to grow up and know who you are. Please, and I still have things I need to learn. I need you, and I'm not ready to let you go yet, and I know other people aren't either.


Link: Where's Carina?
Amelia: She's on vacation with her stupid girlfriend!

I'm begging you, don't make me do this.

I should've been there. I would've seen something. I'm his wife. I'm his wife, so I can't be there, so you get back in that war room and figure it out.


I don't need you, Jackson, Richard needs you. You're letting him down.


Ever since David died, I had this thought, what if I got to the hospital in time to operate I could've saved him. Now it's like he's here, and I can't even be in the same room with him without feeling like I'm drowning. It's like I'm holding onto a lie.

Maggie: I hate everyone, myself included. I was too busy sexing it up with Winston, that I didn't notice, and I should have. He called me Meredith when he saw me.
Amelia: Wait, what's a Winston?

Today he is not the Richard Webber you know and love, he is our number one patient.


You replaced me with Schmidt, didn't you?

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Arizona: Oh my God! I mean, I understand why you're into her. She's hot. Wait, she likes you?
Nathan: What? I mean, I'm going to try not to be offended at that.
Arizona: No, no, no. It's just that Derek was--Derek was epic for her. They were the great love story. I mean, that girl's heart beat for Derek Shepherd. It just...it never occurred to me that she would ever be with anyone else. He was perfect. He was everything. That man turned her world. It...I spooked you. Don't be spooked.

MEREDITH: "You don't get to call me a whore. When I met you, I thought I had found the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was done! All the boys and all the bars and all the obvious daddy issues, who cares? I was done. You left me. You chose Addison. I'm all glued back together now. I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. You don't get to call me a whore."
DEREK: "This thing with us is finished. It's over."
MEREDITH: "Finally."
DEREK: "Yeah, it's done."
MEREDITH: "It is done."