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Right now, your friends need you, and they need me too. Whatever we're feeling we put it aside. We put it aside, and we help.


Link: Jo stole a baby.
Jo: I did not steal a baby.
Mer: That's what I said when I stole a baby.
Link: Why are people stealing babies?

Levi: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Mer: Schmitt, I forgive you. I have my license. I have my job. I forgive you.

Owen: Teddy, this ring is my mom's. She gave it to me the day Alison was born, and I've been carrying it around in my pocket ever since. And I love you, and there is no perfect moment, and I am not a perfect man, but you are the perfect woman for me. So, Theodore Grace Altman, will you --
Teddy: Owen, no.
Owen: No? Is it Tom?
Teddy: Owen, stand up. Listen to me. You are not obligated to marry me. You do not have to do this. I want you to break the patterns not reinforce them.
Owen: I'm not repeating a pattern. I'm staring a new one. Loving you. Loving our family, with my whole heart every day. That's my new pattern. I love you. I love you. Tedd. Marry me. Marry me. Marry me, Teddy.

Link: So you had something you want to tell me?
Amelia: Uh, I didn't want to know, but, um, it's a boy. 

Did the bomb go off?


Brody: I'm okay. I want to help.
Bailey: Brody, those are your friends. 
Brody: That's why I want to help.

Hayes: I've heard good things.
Jo: About me?
Hayes: No, but um...

Owen: I do not miss that guy.
Jackson: Nope.
Brody: Altman could do so much better.
Owen: meaning?
Brody: Seriously? Altman is a badass. She's smart and skilled. And hot. Koracick is just like a creepy frat house uncle.
Jackson: She has done better. She's with Hunt.

Jackson: How are you two doing? You set a date yet?
Owen: We're not engaged.
Jackson: Really? Wow. I figured since you two had two kids together, live together, and you marry everyone. I guess you have been busy. 

Process Server: Dr. Margaret Pierce,  you've been served.
Maggie: I'm being sued for wrongful death.
DeLuca: Who is Sabrina Webber?
Maggie: My cousin. 

Amelia: I can do this without you if you want to go.
Teddy: He's a veteran, and he's suffering. We send them overseas and we ask them to give up their lives, their health, their family, and when they get home, we don't even give them mental healthcare.
Amelia: Owen.
Teddy: And Riggs and Megan and me.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

MEREDITH: "You don't get to call me a whore. When I met you, I thought I had found the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was done! All the boys and all the bars and all the obvious daddy issues, who cares? I was done. You left me. You chose Addison. I'm all glued back together now. I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. You don't get to call me a whore."
DEREK: "This thing with us is finished. It's over."
MEREDITH: "Finally."
DEREK: "Yeah, it's done."
MEREDITH: "It is done."

CRISTINA: "There's a club. The Dead Dads Club. And you can't be in it until you're in it. You can try to understand, you can sympathize. But until you feel that loss... My dad died when I was nine. George, I'm really sorry you had to join the club."
GEORGE: "I... I don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn't."
CRISTINA: "Yeah, that never really changes."