Quantico Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Stescalade

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Is anyone else freaked out by Lee and her crazy specific schedule?

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 3, there's a new recruit in the mix! That's right, apparently recruits can show up out of the blue once training has already begun. It's not at all suspicious.

While I know it's the CIA, I really need an answer as to why Lee is suddenly there. It's very hard to trust her due to her unusual arrival. Do you think we should be suspicious of Lee?

Held Hostage - Quantico

It is really interesting to learn the background of all the new recruits. Lee planned weddings, and while that doesn't immediately scream CIA, she proved that she had every right to be there.

Ryan and Alex working their undercover op has been entertaining, especially when they profile their fellow recruits. However, it was nice to see Miranda school Nimah and Shelby on how to be an affective handler.

As an FBI agent, you can be assigned to any number of jobs. How an operative's handler performs is just as important as how the operative performs. 

It was also just really funny when Miranda told Nimah and Shelby that they weren't picked because they were the most qualified.

Who do you think is being the most effective handler? My money is on Nimah. She figured out what Ryan was doing, and she got him to tell her the truth. Shelby needs to fight a little harder with Alex.

Anyone who has navigated a west side bride through a wedding for a thousand can find her way in the dark and smell a flower that is clashing with a moisturizer. You're going to have to do better than that.


Someone please tell me why I should care about Lydia and Owen's family drama? I'm serious. Please tell me because it was the most boring part of the hour.

Okay, I'm sure at some point the little tidbits we learned (and maybe will learn) about Lydia and Owen will be shocking or come in handy, but right now, I do not care about them at all. 

Lydia being benched at Owen's request and Owen never actually being an operative is not exciting. 

You know what is - learning more about the recruits, spending more time on CIA training missions or the hostage situation in the future. There's so much to focus on, and Lydia and Owen's storyline felt like a waste of time.

Let's flash forward to one year later.

Ryan and Harry sort of working together to unmask a terrorist was really entertaining. Even though Raina and Ryan don't know who they can trust, it would be really great to see them start working with some of the other hostages. 

They need to do something because they aren't getting anywhere on their own. They cannot sit around and just wait for Alex to save the day, so Ryan and Raina need to mix things up somehow.

Also, while I am enjoying the hostage situation, the terrorists need to do something. They have to have a plan. We heard them make one demand to the US President, but have they made any others since the beheading?

It seems like the terrorists are just waiting, and waiting around is like a horrible plan. It would be nice to either see the terrorists planning the next step or actually making a new move. We still have no idea why they really took everyone hostage. Do you have any theories?

Alex: Ryan came up with the name. I thought it was cute.
Shelby: Cute? You gave a group of deadly insurgents a nickname.
Alex: It's better than rogue faction.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in the comments!

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Stescalade Review

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Great, so if you find us dead in a double suicide, please assume that the last person we spoke to was in the AIC.


Alex: Ryan came up with the name. I thought it was cute.
Shelby: Cute? You gave a group of deadly insurgents a nickname.
Alex: It's better than rogue faction.