Quantico Round Table: To Bug or Not To Bug

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 3, Alex and Ryan had to decide which of the recruits to bug. Agreeing on one person ended up being a lot harder than they realized, but in the end, did they choose the right recruit?

Below TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Jasmine Peterson, Allison Nichols, and TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey weigh in on the newest recruit, Alex's bold decision, and how the recruits fared this week. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments!

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We have a new recruit! What’s your first impression of Lee?

Jay: I like her. She's fun, yet serious, but doesn't have the same drowning shady darkness around her as everyone else.

Jasmine: I agree with Jay. I like that she's confident and more mature. Sometimes watching people interact on Quantico feels like watching kids in high school, but Lee doesn't give off that vibe. She's like the farm's very own Martha Stewart. But her sudden appearance is suspect.

Meaghan: She barely even registered on my radar, which I suppose says a lot about what I thought of her. I would rather they focus on the characters they have instead of introducing more.

Allison: I did like that she was a bit more fun than all the other recruits. She's very organized, and she definitely doesn't seem like a spy, which is a good thing.

Harry isn’t CIA in the future. Any theories as to what happened, and does this surprise you?

Jay: Not really surprising. He's sneaky to the point where it's too sneaky, and anyone would be able to make him in a room. He's also too arrogant to be a spy, let's be real.

Jasmine: I don't know. Harry has always had his own agenda, so in a sense it probably isn't surprising that he's not CIA. I wonder if it's a similar situation to Simon last season. Harry's charming, sneaky, and quite good so there's definitely a story there.

Meaghan: Harry reminds me of a mix between Simon and Caleb. I guess that is fitting seeing as we are lacking both this season. I agree with Jay that his arrogance is his downfall.

Allison: I definitely agree that he's a bit too sneaky for his own good. I can see him getting kicked out for either being outed by one of the townspeople or by being in the bottom of the murder board twice. If he isn't CIA, what brings him to the G20?

There wasn't a murder board ranking this week, so let's do our own. Which recruit do you think deserves to be at the bottom based on his/her performance in the tasks?

Jay: I couldn't say. After that fiasco of them finding their way back to campus, they all deserve to be at the bottom.

Jasmine: Technically they all failed, so there is that. They cut the ending of the challenge, so we were told what happened rather than shown what happened, so I can't say who sucked the worst.

Meaghan: I don't particularly think any of them are good enough for the CIA. If this was really what the future of the CIA was like in real life, I would be worried for our country.

Allison: I would say the recruits who didn't stay with their partners. You can't just abandon your partner and go find someone better. I think Alex and Leon were the only ones who didn't change things up, partner wise. I wish we could have seen or have been told how every made it back to the farm.

In the future, Alex is no longer hiding the fact that she's there and that she's coming after the terrorists. Okay, so she didn't put her name anywhere, but she made it clear that someone is picking off the terrorists - "two down." Is Alex playing it smart or did she make a mistake?

Jay: I think it's smart. It'll be harder for her to take them down now, they'll probably travel in pairs, but they know that someone is coming for them now, and they aren't going to set off the biological weapon in a place where they could die. They might be quaking in their boots, at least just a little bit.

Jasmine: I kind of giggled because it reminded me so much of those badass moments in action movies. I mean assuming Miranda is still communicating with the terrorists, they had to know Alex was coming for them anyway. And they had to know Alex doesn't just die. She's neck in neck with Ryan with having nine lives. Can't say that's a mistake. It gives her allies a chance to fight from their positions,knowing she's their back up.

Meaghan: Not gonna lie, I loved that scene. I've never found Alex to be particularly badass, but I think this finally showed the woman that the show has always meant to portray her as. This was a very smart move. She needed to let them know what they are up against. I definitely foresee it putting a little fear in them, with one woman single handedly taking them down.

Allison: I'm glad Alex isn't hiding. It gives hope to all the hostages, and maybe they will start trying to help Alex in some way. I'd love to see the hostages take a more active role, especially since a lot of them are CIA, or at least they were at the Farm with Alex and Ryan. Also, it forces the terrorists to be on their toes. They might deviate from their plan out of fear of being caught. If the terrorists are afraid of Alex getting to them, they might make a mistake.

As far as which recruit to bug, do you think Leon was the right choice? If not, who would you have picked?

Jay: I would've picked the priest. He's too quiet, and his background as a priest doesn't exactly make him spy material, so I think it's a lie. What does he do when nobody's around? His roommate is too busy sleeping around to really pay attention to him.

Jasmine: The priest is the most mysterious one of them all. I'm surprised he's not on either of their radars. I actually think Diana might have been a smart choice. She's suddenly super focused. She's really good at reading a room. She went from being afraid of heights to calmly walking across the log no problem.

I'm starting to think Ryan was right in saying she plays up the damsel in distress bit. And she lied about Leon telling her about his time in prison. She does a great job at playing coy, innocent, and occasionally inept.

Meaghan: I agree with Jasmine. There is one obvious possible recruit of the AIC right now. They should be focusing on her.

Allison: I think Diana is a good pick. If she's bugged, you'll be able to hear all of these phone calls with her law firm, if that is who she is calling. There's definitely something off about her.

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