Rosewood Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Negative Autopsies & New Partners

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Pippy, are you okay?

On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 12 we finally got to know a little more about Pippy's background thanks to the case of a missing teen.

The case obviously hit close to home with the Rosewood family and they were able to clear the air, as well as a few misunderstandings.

Keeping Her Head Down - Rosewood

I think our Jane Doe is homeless.


I was shocked at how quickly Pippy could tell the teenager was homeless just by quickly looking at her lifeless body. Not only was 15-year-old Alice homeless, it turned out the poor girl was a runaway. While working on the case, TMI learned that her beloved Pippy could relate to Alice, because at 15, she ran away too. 

At the beginning it was easy to assume that Pippy might've ran away because she was jealous of all the attention her sick brother was getting.

Teenagers can be insecure at times and Pippy probably thought her parents loved Rosewood more, but that wasn't the case. Pippy actually ran away because her mother, Donna had a hard time accepting her sexuality.

You hated that your little girl liked girls.


Donna has always stood up for Pippy's sexuality after learning TMI's parents disowned TMI because she's a lesbian. It was shocking to see that Donna couldn't initially accept the fact that Pippy decided to come out of the closet when she was just 15.

The statements Donna made to Pippy when she decided to come out ultimately hurt, no matter how hard each of them tried to ignore it. Donna has obviously learned from her mistakes and I'm glad she's had a change of heart over the years. 

This new case must have you thinking about the time you were away.


Deep down Rosewood knew that Donna and Pippy had their own issues to workout with one another. That's why Rosie was adamant about Pippy working on this particular case.

He knew Pippy could tap into the mind of a runaway teen in order to solve Alice's mysterious murder, and that it would force her to have a much needed conversation with Donna.

During the few months Pippy was gone she met another runaway, Cassie. Cassie helped Pippy deal with her sexuality and convinced Pippy to go back home to her family.

As a huge fan of BET's The Game, I was ecstatic to see Tia Mowry and Gabrielle Dennis reunite on TV. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Tia's character, Cassie.

You like the idea of having a new partner, but not the reality.


Villa found out that Hornstock didn't get the Chief position because he refused to fire her. In order to keep peace at the precinct, Villa decided to follow the rules and accept the fact that she needs a partner.

The only catch is finding a partner that she meshes well with. Villa doesn't like working with anyone she isn't comfortable with, which is pretty much anyone that isn't named Rosewood.

A lone wolf is exactly what Villa is. That's why you two get along.


Rosewood knows Villa well, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he actually becomes her official partner. After all, the duo have been through a lot throughout their short time of working together.

Even Hornstock knows how much of an undeniable working chemistry Villa and Rosewood have. Villa will probably go through a slew of temporary partners until both she and Rosewood realize their partnership is meant to be.

I'm the right fit, call me.


Another tidbit is that Rosewood may have a new love interest with Dr. Erica Kincaid. The cardiologist is witty, smart and will definitely keep Rosewood on his toes. Erica is a challenge, something the charming Rosewood needs in his life.

What did you think of Pippy's backstory? Were you shocked to know how Donna initially felt about Pippy's sexuality? Will Villa ever find a partner that she likes?

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Negative Autopsies & New Partners Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You like the idea of having a new partner, but not the reality.


Captain didn't get the Chief job, and it's all my fault.