"Blistering Heat & Brotherly Love"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 22, Rosewood believes that someone from his inner circle should run a new Magic City Lab on the west coast in the season finale.

Death Of a Teacher - Rosewood
"Amparo & The American Dream"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 21, the death of a school teacher leads to the world of human trafficking, while an nsight into Slade's past changes things

"Calliphoridae & Country Roads"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 20, Rosewood, Villa and TMI head to a small town to investigate the murder of its mayor, while Slade experiences complications.

A Complication - Rosewood
"Naegleria & Neighborhood Watch"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 19, Rosewood gets news of a complication regarding his kidney transplant and Villa's brother has a connection to a case.

"Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 18, a woman's body is found frozen solid and it tests Rosewood and Villa's ability to solve a whole new kind of cold case.

"Radiation & Rough Landings"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 17, Rosewood works around a new health issue, while an astronaut's death becomes an investigation of the U.S. space program.

Details of Her Past - Rosewood
"Benzodiazepine & Benjamins"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 16, Rosewood gets surprising news about a recent health scare, while details about Villa's past are revealed during a case.

A Case From the Past - Rosewood
"Clavicle Trauma & Closure"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 15, Rosewood is lured to the scene of a millionaire's murder by a questionable person, and it reopens a case from his past.

Unexpected News - Rosewood
"White Matter & the Ways Back"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 14, Hornstock and Rosewood's relationship is jolted by unexpected news and former child star's life is affected by a strange death.

"Puffer Fish & Personal History"

On Rosewood Season 2 Episode 13, while Rosewood performs an autopsy, the person on his table wakes up, and a Magic City Lab investor yields a surprising result.

Rosewood Quotes

We're not partners, let's get that straight.

Det. Villa

I'm the Beethoven of private pathology.