iZombie Round Table: Hackers Never Prosper

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We got a brain smoothie, a cute kiss, and a whole lot more danger on this week's episode of iZombie, giving our Round Table lots to discuss. 

For the most part, iZombie Season 1 Episode 6 was another typical procedural, with a few very distinct subplot developments. Liv and Lowell got much closer, Blaine met Babineaux and Mrs. Moore, and Major keeps inching his way closer to figuring out just what is going on in his city.

Which unfortunately means he's inching his way closer to danger every week! 

TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald break down the not-so-subtle PSA about cyber-bullying, Blaine's next move, and the mid-semester report card, if you will, for iZombie's first season. Spoiler alert: we kind of love it a lot.

Give us your grades for the first half of the season in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite quote/scene/joke?

Stacy: I have to give a shout out to Liv's "I ate Homer Simpson's brain" line, but really the best scene/quote was her message to Lowell when she realized half way through that she didn't have to lie to him.

Terri: Ditto the Homer Simpson line. That cracked me up!

Whitney: I loved Major's line about being a social worker, and his insurance only covering one Band-Aid a year. I also loved the Liv/Lowell scene where they were just drinking and sharing zombie stories. They have a really nice chemistry.

Amanda: I liked the scene where Liv remembered she didn't have to lie and make up an excuse with Lowell about eating the bad brains.

Lindsay: I'm very fond of the scene between Liv and Lowell. There's a serious connection there, and now that we've seen a little deeper into Lowell, I think he might be a genuinely good guy. Regardless of if he turns out to be a spy for Blaine, I think he will probably really come to care for Liv.

What did you think of the cyber-bullying message iZombie hinted at this week?

Stacy: They threw a PSA in there. I'm okay with it occasionally as long as the show keeps its humor/lightheartedness and doesn't try to get too heavy.

Terri: Agreed! And truthfully the procedural storyline rather bored me this week. The best part was seeing Liv and Ravi gaming and geeking out together.

Whitney: I really liked this story,and I was totally okay with the PSA! One of my favorite aspects of the show is the way it keeps things light, even while dealing with serious subject matters.

Amanda: I was fine with it for this particular episode. I just would hate for the show to become a PSA of the week type of show. I highly doubt that would happen though.

Lindsay: I loved it actually. I'm about to get on a soap-box, but online harassment and bullying is a serious issue that takes lives all the time. The anonymity of the internet can be a terrifying weapon, and awareness of this issue can only be a good thing. I think iZombie handled it beautifully, and I respect their attempt to paint shades of grey.

Blaine now has connections to Babineaux and Mrs. Moore. Who should we be more scared for?

Stacy: Right now, I'm more scared for Liv's mom and little bro than I am for Babineaux. He can protect himself, and a dead cop would mean a lot more questions than Liv's family would. Blaine would have killed Babineaux if he had to, but I think he was relieved it didn't come to that.

Terri: When Liv finds out her brother is working for Blaine she's going to freak. I'm worried Blaine knowing her family is going to give him leverage over her. I will say this, the show is being clever about pulling the secondaries into the overall storyline. First Major with Ravi, now this.

Whitney: I think Babineaux can take care of himself, but I'm definitely worried for Liv's mom and brother. Like Terri said, Blaine knowing Liv's family will give him leverage over her, and nothing good can come of dealing with someone like Blaine.

Amanda: Definitely Liv's mom and brother. It looks like we all agree that Blaine could use Liv's family as leverage. I'm not worried about Babineaux yet.

Lindsay: I think I'm the only one more scared for Babineaux. Blaine will probably use Liv's family as bargaining chips, but having a cop sniffing around is dangerous on the exposure front. I could see Blaine trying to kill him to keep the secret more easily than anyone else.

Major seems to be all aboard the Livwell Express, but do you think it's a front? Or is he genuinely over Liv?

Stacy: I think it's a front. He's the one who was dumped, and he doesn't know the real reason. It has to be hard for him to see her move on and not understand why she can't be with him.

Terri: I thought he looked upset. I don't think he's okay with it at all.

Whitney: Did you see his face when Ravi told him Liv wasn't alone? He looked absolutely crushed. Although I do like the burgeoning Livwell romance, I felt for Major. It's never easy to hear your ex has moved on, no matter how much you tell yourself you're okay with it.

Amanda: Of course it's a front. I think he still has feelings for her, and it can't feel good to see her move on. With that being said, I can't help but love Liv's chemistry with Lowell. I'm not anxious to see Liv and Major get back together anytime soon.

Lindsay: I certainly hope he's more torn up about it than we've seen. That little scene between Liv and Major at the beginning of the episode made me love them just a little bit more.

Now that we're about half way through the season, give iZombie a grade. A for an absolutely must watch show, B for a solid performance, C for heading nowhere fast, D for abysmal, and F for "get me the hell off this round table."

Stacy: I am giving it a solid A. I love the show, and it is one of the CW's higher rated shows, so it's looking good for a renewal.

Terri: I'm going with a B+, nearing an A. I love the show, and I think it's growing stronger and stronger. If they keep drawing in her family in clever ways, building the relationships and focus more on the zombie arc, while having fun with the personalities she takes on for the case-of-the-week, then it'll reach A+. Would love to see them push her a bit more when she is under the influence of other brains.

Whitney: After the first 4 episodes, I would have said a B. But these last two episodes have really elevated things for me and pushed things up to an A-. It's got all the makings of a great show: humor, charismatic characters and decent case-of-the-weeks. Plus, there's always a chance to see Robert Buckley shirtless each week.

Amanda: I would give the show a B+ right now. The zombie storyline is strong and intriguing. I'm enjoying getting to know all of the main characters, and the writers are being smart with the side characters by integrating them more and more each week. I'm still not always on board with the procedural aspect of the show, but that really depends on the story of the week.

Lindsay: I have to go with A. Even the shakey procedural elements have not put me off watching live every week, and I find myself waiting by the TV for every new episode. I'm crossing my fingers for a Season 2 renewal because I just want MORE iZombie!

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