Grimm Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Bad Luck

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Just when things were going so well, the writer pulled an episode like this out of their hats.

Many fans, myself included, have been very excited by the Juliette storyline, with her finally gaining fantastic new abilities that would allow her to not be a victim in every other episode.

On Grimm Season 4 Episode 14, however, it was like they took all those wonderful possibilities and threw them out the window.

Okay, that's hyperbolizing a bit, but let's take a gander at the fallout of Juliette revealing her transformation to Nick.

First off, Nick really overreacted over the fact that she went to Renard for help. It was like we were having flashbacks to Grimm Season 2. Been there, done that. We really, really don't need more episodes of Nick being jealous of Renard's apparent relationship with Juliette!

It was perfectly reasonable for Juliette to approach Renard: he's a Zauberbiest, his mother is a Hexenbiest, and he grew up in the Wesen world (which Nick didn't), so he was far more likely to know what was going on (or direct her to someone who did, which he did when he pointed her to Henrietta). While Juliette probably should have told Nick sooner, and her fears of Nick chopping her head off were overblown, they weren't exactly without foundation.

On the other hand, it really was still understandable that Nick was perturbed by the fact that Juliette is now a Hexenbiest. Hexens aren't exactly what you'd call pretty (they're actually pretty horrifying to look at, after all), and Nick has not had good experiences with them. Nick's barely had time to breathe, let alone come to terms with Juliette's new reality.

Furthermore, it can't really be said that she's still the same old Juliette behind that rotting exterior: she killed two people and seemingly wasn't all that affected by the experience.

Overall, the general reaction by both parties was just frustrating for me as a viewer.

It's not just Juliette's part of the story that drove me crazy in "Bad Luck," either; just take a look at Adalind's little revelation in the last five minutes. You may recall that in the preview for this episode that aired about a month ago, they bizarrely decided to spoil another pregnancy for Adalind (coinciding with Claire Coffee's real-life pregnancy). The only problem is paternity: who's your daddy? Wait, Nick Burkhardt?!

Suddenly, Grimm has transformed into the Maury Show. What. The. Heck.

Fans have been speculating about the baby's paternity ever since that promo aired, but Nick being the apparent father was an incredibly rude twist. It was a lot to swallow, too, given that Nick and Adalind slept together last May.

Count the months, folks: that's just about ten. I guess this reinforces my theory that Portland sits on a hole in the space-time continuum. Either that or Adalind was incredibly bad at math, someone impregnated Adalind when she wasn't looking (possibly during her dungeon stay in Vienna), or Henrietta was lying about Adalind being pregnant.

Any way you look at it, it was a really rotten way to end an episode.

Compared to these two stories, the Case of the Week seemed strangely almost an afterthought: a family of Wesen rabbits was being hunted for a lucky rabbit's foot so an infertile couple can conceive.

Somehow, I personally think that having a person's chopped-off foot under my bed would kill the romantic mood. And how in the world do you justify it, anyway? Think about it: "Yeah, we were having trouble having kids until we paid someone to brutally hack off this other guy's foot. Too bad the guy died, but then my hypothetical kids are more important than someone else's."

I'd like to imagine that the Wesen couple will have a tough time explaining that one to the Wesen Council after Nick called them up, though the Council's own morality leaves something to be desired.

On the plus side, the case allowed Monroe and Rosalee to get in on the action, which was nice. Though I do have to wonder why the hunter bothered to kidnap the girl when he simply chopped off her brother's foot in place. Maybe he's a creeper, too? It's certainly possible that I missed something there, but it just didn't really seem well explained.

Grimm returns with Grimm Season 4 Episode 15, "Double Date," on Friday, March 27, at 8 p.m. on NBC. Until then, you can catch up on previous episodes right here at TV Fanatic when you watch Grimm online!

Bad Luck Review

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