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It's hard to beat Kenny Loggins, we can all acknowledge that.

But Archer Season 5 Episode 7 was faced with this daunting task as the FX animated smash aired a follow-up to last Monday's winning installment.

Fortunately, it didn't let loyal viewers down, with "Smugglers' Blues" taking us on a covert trip to Columbia that became a little less covert after Sterling Archer got drunk. Oops!

Did he ruin the secret mission? What was the goal in the first place? And what top-notch Archer quotes have we added to our collection?

Watch Archer online right here and right now for some answers:

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Archer Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I mean, did you used to be a man?


Lana: I want this baby!
Malory: Well, sure, now. Wait until you're waist deep in diapers, he's up with the croup and there's no bourbon in the house. Then fast forward to him knocking up the au pair, flunking out of college, and then single-handedly bankrupting your drug cartel!