Defiance Review: Cloudy With A Chance Of Razor Rain

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Defiance this week didn't so much feature a single main story, but instead focused on three arcs.

Sadly, this left it feeling like "Good Bye Blue Sky" was doing far too much in a short amount of time. Let’s break it down and see how things fell apart, so to speak.

Sukar and Irisa
I really had high expectations for this episode as it opened with Irisa have a vision of Sukar getting killed. I was hopeful that it was a premonition and she would get there in time to save him. Sadly, she didn't - and after that things just went weird. 

Apparently the Irathiants use some form of sulfuric acid in their funerals, which I could kind of understand and get behind. But when Sukar stood up without even a mark on him, I was a bit skeptical. Watching him go bat-crap crazy obsessed with getting to Defiance and then healing instantly from a shot-gun blast, I went fully into what-the-frak territory.  

Finding the Spirit Riders

Sure, Doc Yewll offered a completely logical explanation for nearly everything he did. All it was missing was someone being unmasked saying “And I would have gotten away with it if hadn't been for you meddling Irathaints” to be truly worthy of the face-palm I did afterwards.

Kenya and Stahma
I’m not even sure where to start on this story. Stahma came in to find out about having her son educated in the art of pleasing a woman; which honestly, more moms could get behind. But then she got offended, stayed for a drink... and then decided to sleep with Kenya?  

I honestly, have no reaction to the events; they simply don’t make sense to me. It felt like the writers are still trying to find a bit of a “naughty” angle to throw in there. First it was the horrid food fetish, now it's married woman secret sex? Okay. I guess

Rafe and Nicci
At least these two were pretty straight forward. Nicci knows her man went missing at the McCawley house and came to see what happened. What I don’t get was the blood on her finger right before she left. Is Rafe phobic? Anemic? Vampire? It FELT like it was important, but they just didn't give me enough to connect it together. 

Beyond the three main stories, you also had poor Tommy saving a moron who wanted to fight the rain and nobody seemed glad to see him standing at the end of the episode. And the biggest “what the hell” moment: Irisa turning on Nolan and taking Sukar’s side in their fight. 

They've been together for years and she was already following Sukar to stop him from hurting people, yet she decides to tie up Nolan? Yeah, I’m lost on it too. Then Nolan emptied his gun into Sukar and he falls out a window conveniently on to a scaffold. Wait... what?!?

How can Nolan and Irisa come back from this? Sure, Sukar isn't dead and is only in a coma (insert eye-roll). But she turned on him and he attempted to kill the guy that turned her. Those two are going to need some serious family counseling. 

Overall I’m giving this episode 3 what-the-fraks for all the confusing bits and pieces that tried to work in. Here is hoping we can get back to the episode style we got two weeks ago that worked so much better. 

Good Bye Blue Sky Review

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Defiance Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Nolan: what are you doing? Did you remember to pack your socks? You know how grumpy you get when your feet are cold.
Irisa: I'm going to the Badlands. Sukar is in danger. I had a vision. [walks out and right back in] You coming or not?

Dr. Yewll: Sukar attacked me. He started tearing apart my equipment. I tried to stop him.
Nolan: Are you sure it was Sukar? The Spirit Riders told me he was dead.
Dr Yewll: Well for a dead guy he kicked the crap out of me pretty good.