How I Met Your Mother Review: On the Cuff

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Barney went ahead and put a ring on it - and Robin couldn't wait to show off her new bling this week on How I Met Your Mother.

As "Ring Up" unfolded, Robin's left hand was all sparkles, yet she also began seeing the inside of her wallet more than usual as her newly engaged status put an end to mornings of free coffee and bagels. 

Robin's musical number was just great and very reminiscent of those we have seen from her fiance in the past. She also took the reins when it came time to mock Ted for his new accessory.

Yay for Robin!

Barney still delivered a number of memorable How I Met your Mother quotes, particularly during the scenes where he struggled with his one night stand withdrawal. I also loved the repeated attempts by Ted to get Barney to admit to sleeping with his mom, along with Barney's constant winks.

Ashley Benson was a great choice to play Ted's new relationship. Initially I was a little skeptical at the whole concept, thinking it rang too much of Josh Radnor's movie Liberal Arts, but I was glad I held my groan. 

The cuff worked its magic for Marshall, despite giving him a nasty reaction. A few blisters and sores were a small price to pay, though, for the mood it put Lily in. Marshall's swollen hand was also one of the funnier bits of physical comedy I've seen this season. 

Ted didn't get any closer to meeting the mother this week, but it was fun to see him out and about trying to relate to a much younger woman. I think my favorite moment, however, was when Marshall asked Robin how she was going to ever get another drink and she simply turned to Barney and asked him to grab her a scotch. Problem solved. 

What did you think of the episode? 


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What the hell with robin. whose friend is she?
dushe. what a canadian. why every american gonna fuk each other at himym? why every girls are so silly with barney he is a golden boy. nowadays people gonna extramarital. so BAD!


I enjoyed this episode very much. True it didn't have any mother context and yet another filler but the story was very relaxed and a perfect remedy for hard days work when I come home from work and tryin' to relax. Ted was great in this episode and Barney returned to his usual self a little as well.


I'm a little surprised they are going to stretch another season out of this show. Every character seems to be a shell of their former selves now that you've got Barney and Robin settling down and Marshall and Lilly with the baby. We know Ted meets the mother at Barney and Robin's wedding. They can't possibly stretch out the wedding until the end of next season, can they? If the wedding comes sooner, then the mother becomes part of the cast for awhile?


Is ted becoming the new barney???????? I love Robin/barney can’t wait to watch the wedding!!!!!

C f ohara

@claire glad you like the reviews. I try my best to proofread them. Often in my haste to post, so you all can comment, an occasional typo will sneak through. I will try to do better, I promise.
@Jen sorry for the confusion. I wasn't slamming Liberal Arts, I just was worried that the storyline on HIMYM was going to be too similar which was not the case fortunately. I am a fan as well.
As for Mother Mania, I never subscribed to the Barney's half-sister being the mother theory. The mother is supposed to be Cindy's old roommate right? Wouldn't Ted and Barney have realized Ted was dating someone who lived with a member of Barney's family? So for me it wasn't that big of a revelation. At this stage in the story I am hungry for chunkier cookies.


First of all: Great episode, but really sad Carly is not the mother. I'm kind of surprised that Barney didn't feel like this was somehow breaking his bro code. Second: ...... Slevin, are you being paid to advertise something oh so subtly?


My theory has always been that the mother is Barneys half sister. SO this episode definitely was a step in meeting the actual mother.

Spindae 2o

a great episode great development and a lot of LOL's!
Barney was hilarious and I liked he moved on from ONS and there wasn't huge drama. just a development!
Robin as well. She evolved as a person she honestly grew up!
Marshall and Lilly where fantastic! they are showing some issues of married people on a very funny way! Ted! ! ! I felt he was never so far away and ready to find the Mother of his children! But let's see how his relationship with crazy chick will go on! And People they are far 14th episode of the season! o.O


Maybe it's just me, but I personally don't think Robin looks all that great this season. I've been rewatching the series and she used to wear dresses and boots and her hair was longer. In this episode she looked a little too skinny.


Um.. It was definitely a step forward to meeting the mother.
The episode eliminated one of the biggest theories of the last two seasons. - The theory that Barney's half-sister Carly is the mother.


How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Barney you don't start with the I got caught cheating diamond. You give yourself room to grow.


My body is detoxing after years of one night stands. They don't make gum or a patch for this Ted, but hey, billion dollar idea alert.