Arrow Round Table: "Damaged"

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Welcome to our first-ever Arrow Round Table!

With this CW drama raking in the ratings, and coming off its best episode to date, we've convened Leigh Raines and Kate Brooks of TV Fanatic, along with Romancia from TV After Dark, to breakdown "Damaged." What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gather around now!


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Kate: I'd have to say, as a 'shipper, the scene between Laurel and Oliver. You know, when she was undressing him and looking at his scars and it ended with a kiss. I actually felt the emotion from Oliver was real too because he lies to convince people he's the same guy. I love those two!

Leigh: Agree with Kate, that scene was totally sexy. I'll go with the polygraph test because we finally got some background and it shocked everyone in the room!

Romancia: "I've been the good soldier. I've done everything you've asked, but if any member of my family so much as gets a paper cut. I will burn your world to ashes." - Moira

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The prison party: brilliant or foolish?
Leigh: The kind of foolish, obnoxious party that only Oliver Queen could pull off. So all in all, yep... brilliant!

Kate: Brilliant and perfect cover for Oliver. It was foolishly brilliant!

Romancia: "Burning Man meets Shawshank Redemption. The invite says come before Oliver Queen get's off." Interpret that comment any way you will. That scene served its purpose: to stage a distraction for the fake Arrow storyline to play out. Oliver in a prison suit was okay, but Stephen Amell ain't no Tim Robbins. Not that it's a bad thing.

Do you think Oliver and Laurel have chemistry?
Leigh: Yes, totally. Her touching the scars and the kiss... mmmhmmm.

Kate: It's getting better each episode. It was there in the pilot, but it's becoming more irresistible as the show continues. As expected, the actors are getting more comfortable in their roles and with each other.

Romancia: I love how the writers are re-connecting these two characters with each other. In the scene where Oliver's told Laurel, "There was a time that I wanted to die. In the end there was something I wanted more," that little confession impacted Laurel and Oliver enough to engage in a very stimulating spit swapping session.Swoons Even though I do believe that Laurel and Oliver have chemistry, it's going to be interesting to see how Laurel will avoid their attraction. At least she's not denying it.

"After last night clearly we are still attracted to each other. Oliver nothing can ever happen between us." Okay, Laurel, if you saaaaay soooo.

How much do you trust Moira and why do you think she has the ship in a warehouse?
Leigh: I think Moira is entangled with some bad people. She cares about her family but she also had Oliver kidnapped and tortured in the first episode. I'm just glad we're learning more about her. 

Kate: I am unsure of how much I trust her. I trust she'll protect her family and I have this crazy feeling that she knows Oliver is the hood. I have this feeling she knew when he first came back. I don't know about the ship other than I can't wait to find out.

Romancia: Any woman that burns you to ashes if someone she loves gets a paper cut should not be trusted. I'll be honest, this one is stumping me. I'm more wondering what Moira is trying to retrieve or what she might be hiding.

Who else do you think knows Arrow's true identity and/or who will be the next to find out?
Leigh: I think Laurel has a really strong hunch but she's the obvious answer. Thea is definitely onto something when she was inspecting the rock he brought her.

Kate: Like I said previously, I think Moria knows. As for who could find out next, I am not sure. I want it to be Laurel but we all can predict she'll be one of the last. Maybe his sister next?

Romancia: I was surprised to learn that Laurel discovered Oliver may be lying so quickly when she accessed the report from the lie detector test. Though it was a genuine cover-up that Oliver told her, it's not going to last long. Thea, meanwhile, is totally under-estimated and the speech from Diggle at the end of the episode made it clear even he thinks it's only a matter of time before his secrets start leaking out.


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I didnt give Moira much credit in the opening episodes, I thought she was just dragged into the whole sabotaging the boat and whatever else the group is up to; but this episode suggests she has a much bigger role in the group than I first thought. Also @Jenn, you say the show doesnt write female characters well but what about Moira? She is a strong women and I definately believ not one to be messed with. Also i dont know whats wrong with how Thea is portrayed, someone who turned to drugs to cope with the loss of her father and brother. 1 female character who you see as weak cannot be generalised to all the rest. Not to mention what you say is weak someone else may seem as strong. What it must take for her to forgive Oliver after what he did takes tremendous strength.


1. The polygraph scene.
2. Too obvious and classic.
3. Yes, oppositie poles attract each other: Oliver enforces the law on the streets while Laurel does the same job in court.
4. There is a bigger secret here...
5. I hope it will be Thea: she needs a good, fitting story too!


New show, interesting in many ways. Wonder what MOM is up too??
Laurel and her father tend to make me crazy. He blames Oliver for the death of this daughter, yet she went of her own free will???
Must wait to see how it all unfolds!


Thank God you said something cj I mean how are you so loyal to a guy that was cheating on you with your sister.I mean he didn't force her and it's not his fault she does but I can't respect her as a woman if she just gives herself to him. He needs a strong woman and all I see is that she's weak. they don't write well for female characters on that show. I get the whole scene in their bedroom when she wanted to see his scars because of course you would wonder if you found out he had been tortured. But nothing else makes sense. She needs to stock by her father more that's her family.


1)Kate's answer...that scene made me love these two even more!
3)Love their chemistry. You can tell that they were once an item before he cheated
5)Thea's on to him. I hope they don't leave Laurel last to figure it out


Great use of humour in the round-table....A really fun read


1-when laurel was undressing oliver of course jajaja
2- brilliant
3- no too much chemestry so far , i think its because everything is happening so fast there is no time for a proper couple development
4- she obviously had something to do with the accident or at least is trying to hide it for some reason, but i dont think that she is bad
5- his best friend


1. "The invite says come before Oliver Queen get's off."
2. Brilliant.
3. Love their chemistry.
4. Didn't Moira say in the pilot that she/they sabatoged the yacht? She's probably trying to hide/destory evidence.
5. Thea will probably figure it out next.


As for Laurel, I find her lack of support of her own family disgusting. She comes off as a rebeling teen in scenes with her dad. I think this show should have her struggle with who to give her loyalty instead of just shoving it at the guy that ruined her family, got her sister killed and screwed her over ignoring the father that still very much in pain. She says she's in law because of him. I don't see any of that respect and admiration in their scenes. This weak chick definitely is no Lois Lane.

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I'm thinking prison, Burning Man meets Shawshank Redemption. The invite says "come before Oliver Queen gets off."


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