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Suit up.


Laurel: And here I thought making you remember your old life would open your eyes to how pointless and stupid your new one is.
Mia: My stupid and pointless life is the one that my father sacrificed himself to give me, don't you dare trivialize that.

Laurel: Your father, he wanted you to be happy, and he, he gave you all this. But I also think he wanted you to have a choice. I am not going to sugarcoat it for you. Being a hero kind of sucks. And it never gets any easier because it is the hardest thing that you can do.
Mia: Then why do it?
Laurel: For me, it gave me a purpose. And that's why I woke you up, so that you can have the chance to realize your own. Mia, this is your city and you're the Green Arrow.

Laurel: Cheers to the Green Arrow.
Mia: To the Canaries.
Dinah: To the future, whatever it holds.

Mia: Who is that?
William: Just the star of the Globe, the Gazette, byline, Channel 52, they all want to know if I'm the new Green Arrow.
Mia: Of course they do.
William: Isn't it a little misogynistic that they're not calling you as well? I mean, come on guys, it's 2040.

Ray: Throw it like a girl.
Kara: Always.

Sara: Oliver died so that we could continue to fight. He sacrificed everything for this new world and we will not fail him. We will not fail this world. For Oliver.
Kara: For Oliver.
Barry: For Oliver.
Diggle: For Oliver.
All: For Oliver!

Sara: He was just the last tether to my old life, you know? And he was the only person left who knew me when I was just me. With him gone, my connection to this world, this place, to that tree, it's gone.
Barry: I know what it's like to lose family. My mom, my dad...each death felt like there was no moving forward, like life will never be the same.
Sara: Yeah.
Barry: And I was right, it's not the same. But, somehow it's okay. Family isn't just the people you grow up with, it's the people you find, the one's you love, the one's who make you crazy, make you smile.
Sara: When did you get so wise?

Sara: No Ollie, you did it okay? And that's why you gotta come back with us. So we need you to hang on, okay?
Oliver: Sara this is just what The Monitor said would happen. There was an end and there's a beginning. You remember what I told you?
Barry: Dying's the easy part.
Oliver: I'm at peace. The real heroes-
Barry: They're the one's who have to keep going.
Oliver: So keep going. And don't ever stop. This world, this new world, it needs both of you.

Wait was there a crossover? Were we invited? Did we win?


You have failed this universe!


Oliver: Do you trust me?
Barry: Are you Oliver Queen?
Oliver: Yes.
Barry: Then I trust you with every cell in my body.
Oliver: Good. Now run Barry. Run.

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You have failed this universe!


There are people in this world who deal only in extremes. It's naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.