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Oliver: Maybe it's easier for you to hear this coming from Barry Allen.
Felicity: Hear what?
Oliver: That we're going to be OK. People change, Felicity. We're growing. It means we're evolving. Except for one thing. One thing that will not change is how I feel about for you. Love is too small a word. And no matter who you are or what you become and no matter who I am or what I become, you will always be, you will always be the love of my life. People change. That never will.

Cisco: Who's this badass?
Barry: That's not Batman.
Batwoman: Kate Kane told you to get out of Gotham. You should have listened to her.

Kara: I gotta say, all the corporate billionaires I know wear Versace and have 500 fewer tattoos.
Kate: Those are the ones that you can see.

Seems strange, doesn't it, that Bruce Wayne and Batman disappear from Gotham around the same time?


Kara: Uh, what should we call you? Rain? Miss Parade?
Kate: Kane. Kate Kane.

I would never compare myself to a total badass like Batman.


Kate: Oliver Queen.
Barry: Yeah, I'm Oliver Queen. Yeah. And you are?
Kate: The rain on your parade. If you're in Gotham to compare grappling hooks with Batman, you are out of luck. No one's seen him in years.

Barry: Guys, take a look at this. [uncovers the Bat signal] Do you still think he's a myth?
Oliver: Yeah!
Barry: [whispering] Batman's real.

Barry: Could you pull that thing up because my vigilante identity's not public, and I'd like to keep it that way!
Oliver: This is not your real face!!
Barry: It might end up being my real face if we don't sort this mess out, so could ya?!
Oliver: [pulls up hood] Happy??
Barry: Ecstatic.

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Dinah: Well there is another option, we go to the Glades.
William: I thought we weren't welcome there.
Dinah: Well we're not, but she is.
Zoe: No. No way.
Dinah: Zoe, we don't know when or where this is going to happen right? And by the time we found out, it could be too late. I don't like the idea either but we need resources.
Zoe: I guess it's time to pay my dad a visit.

Hey dad. Turns out Oliver's more like you then I thought. More like me too. But I'm giving up, not ever.

Ms. Queen

Max Fuller: Hey man, I know we've had some bad history...
Oliver: You had your bodyguards kick the crap out of me and Tommy at your club.
Max: Right, well you slept with my wife. Well, now my ex-wife. Dude, all of that is in the past, okay. Dude, you're the freaking Green Arrow.
Felicity: Well I'm Felicity, I'm the wife of the freaking Green Arrow. It sounded a little less strange in my head.

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There are people in this world who deal only in extremes. It's naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.


Are you done?
Oliver; Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you.