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Oliver: You're a really good father.
Lance: So are you.
Oliver: I had a really good example.
Lance: Your dad was a good man.
Oliver: I'm not talking about my dad.

Diaz: This is my city! You want to stop me?! You’re going to have to kill me!
Siren: He's right, Oliver. Oh, and the movie with the dog was Old Yeller.

Okay. We’re going to do this another way. This time, I’m not going to count! Your daughter’s brains will be splattered on your face!


Don’t let [Diaz] take this city!


Oliver: They don’t care if Siren is collateral damage.
Dinah: So, what are you saying?
Oliver: I’m saying it will be up to us to keep her safe.

And I'm sorry that [Felicity] thinks I'm changing the rules on her, but I am changing the rules on her because things have changed.


We always knew our lives would be high risk. Eventually, we got to a point where worrying about that seemed less important than enjoying the time we had together... even if that was on a battlefield.


Cool thing about sound waves, they bounce.

Dinah Drake

I just wanted one night to remind me of what I'm fighting for.


Ms. Loring: The Defense moves for judgment notwithstanding the verdict.
Judge: Ms. Loring, as you know the standard for granting a JNOV requires a verdict that no standard jury could arrive at. I find such a circumstance here.
Prosecutor: Your honor!
Judge: The evidence presented was so conflicting that it created reasonable doubt. The defense motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict is granted. Mr. Queen, see probation, and you're free to go.

It means I might be going to prison, OK? If that happens, Felicity has assured me that she is going to ensure that you grow into the man that I know you can be.


You know, if it's any consolation, my team IS going to extract me before I ever make it to prison, so...

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Arrow Quotes

Are you done?
Oliver; Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you.


Oliver: I just need your A game right now Felicity.
Felicity: I don't have it! My friend, our friend, was shot with arrows and fell off of a rooftop. Her body is upstairs right above us in a freezer because we don't know what to do with it, with her, so I am so sorry, Oliver, if I have feelings, but maybe if you did, too... I'm sorry. That was mean. But this is Sara we're talking about. Your Sara. How can you stand there being so cold and rational?
Oliver: Because I don't have the luxury of falling to pieces. Everyone is looking to me to handle things, to make the right decisions. Everyone is looking to me to lead. If I grieve, nobody else gets to.