Southland Review: Hanging On

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Cooper's "Legacy" unfolded on Southland this week, as he got his 20-year pin from the LAPD. Of course, he'd been on the job almost 22 years. Isn't that just how these things work?

Cooper and Tang were again my favorite duo tonight as they dealt with all the crazies. In what other job can you take a report from a woman who claims her son is Jesus Christ and he' been kidnapped because Judas betrayed him? Then, have a man you once shot come back to thank you for not killing him and show you that he's tattooed your face on his chest?  Ah, the life of a cop.

But sometimes you make the big saves. Cooper had one of those as he literally dove for the suicidal kid when he went flying off the building. That scared the heck out of me. It would have been far too easy for Mike's weight and momentum to pull Cooper down with him. Cooper probably knew that, too, but didn't think about it. He simply focused on saving a life. 

Unfortunately, Cooper's act of bravery only bought a few more hours of life. Mike was determined to kill himself and he found a way. Proving why he's survived being a cop for 22 years, Cooper understood that he couldn't control what happened after he got the kid off of that rooftop. He did his job and nothing more could be done. You can't save them all.

A Southland Arrest

Sammy and Ben went at it in the practical joke war.  I thought the taped up locker and birds in the car were amateur stunts compared to Sammy getting Ben's one night stand to tell him she's pregnant in front of a bunch of other cops. That was professional pranking there. My hat's off to Sammy.

On a side note, Sammy looked damn good in that tiny towel, so if Ben wants to steal his clothes again, I'm all for it. Isn't it about time Sammy got a new girlfriend? Maybe someone sane this time.

Elsewhere, Ruben and Lydia caught a home invasion case that obviously wasn't. The glass being broken from the inside, the blood splatter outlining where the computer had once been, all pointed to the fact that the father was lying. It was fun to watch these new partners connect the dots.

So, did he really think his son was a budding serial killer? Where were those axes and chains he spoke about? Dad told so many lies I still wasn't convinced but he'll have time to work on that story by the time he gets in front of a jury.

Ruben confronted Lydia about her pregnancy. I suppose the morning sickness and frequent bathroom breaks were hard to hide. His prodding showed they were getting more comfortable as partners and I loved Lydia's response to his mild jabs:

I'm hormonal and I've got a gun. Don't mess with me. | permalink

Enough said. I do wonder what will happen to this team once she tells the higher ups about her condition. And yet another week has gone by and still no mention of the daddy.

Tang's impromptu party celebrating Cooper's 22 years was a nice touch. Dewey had some great stories and it's always nice to see everyone getting along. The sense of camaraderie seems to be one of the high points of being a cop. 

So will Cooper hang on for his 30 years and one day? Hopefully Southland will continue long enough for us to find out.


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More scenes with Sammy naked please!


@Sally Jensen: Tang tells Cooper as he's leaving the bar that the gay kid Mike got someone to take off his restraints and then he jumped off the 14th floor. Tang tells him that she didn't give him the news earlier because she didn't want to spoil his evening but Cooper says that he had already heard it in the news. Classic Cooper. Great episode.


Cooper and Tang are my favorites also. Though I have to admit that Sammy looked hot in that skimpy towel. But I missed what happened to the gay kid "Mike." I gather he escaped from his hospital hold. But did anyone catch what happened next?


Ah this episode was epic. Lovin the Sammy and Ben duo, the whole bit about the one night stander being pregnant= LOL . Good one Sammy. I gotta admit Sammy's kinda my fave.. I mean the guy's got a heart behind all the Tammi drama, we all know she's a freakin' psycho. The fact he gets concerned over a dog just makes me like the character even more, while other cops are like O_O it's a dog..but yeahh good episode..the cooper thing was just wow.


Oh that prank by Sammy was genius!! I had to give him a clap for that one... he got Ben pretty good! But Cooper in this episode


I actually takes my hats off to Ben more than Sammy. Anyone who can handle such major practical jokes with such a good attitude deserves the credit. I love that Ben doesn't ever seem to take himself too seriously whereas in the last episode, Sammy seemed to get upset when he was being picked on for shooting the dog.


Southland is now the best cop show on tv by a long shot, this season is excellent.
Well done TNT for keeping the faith.

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Southland Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Take your time. They'll still be dead when we get there.


Cooper: Time flies when your having fun.
Tang: Fun? More like futile.