Do you know the Michelin Man is white. Dude's suppose to made out of tires and they make him white.


What do you think I am, the King of LA. I just can't make things disappear.


For the last 2 & 1/2 weeks I've had these book smart, street stupid, bs experts telling me how I'm suppose to feel before I go back on the streets.


Maybe for his birthday you could take him to the Dahmer house.


I'm Brooke by the way, The girl he stopped seeing so he could just f*ck you.


Most cops manage to stay sane despite the chaos all around them, but in their hearts they know, everyone has their breaking point.


Cooper: You want to go ruin his day?
Lucero: Absolutely.

You better watch it buddy. Your mom's a tough lady.


Lucero: They were checking me out like crazy in there. Now I know what it's like to be a chick.
Cooper: If you want to be a chick that's a different bar.

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