Jersey Shore Review: "Situation Problems"

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Snooki and Deena said it best: "We're not hookers, we're Jersey."

I don't even know where one would find that much animal print, but I wonder how many synthetic leopards had to die just so Team Meatball could look that ridiculous?

Da Sitch Pic

Maybe that's why Pauly wasn't interested in "doing sex" with Deena, because her outfit was so over the top. Or, maybe it's because Vinnie is a better spooning partner. Either way, watching Pauly reject Deena's advances was bordering on awkward after a while. Damn, girl, don't you know when to walk away?

Deena managed to redeem herself when she locked Mike in the bathroom, though. Now that's a situation.

Speaking of the other Situation, I think I speak for Mike when I say, "It's hard out there for a pimp." Everyone was hating on him this week (well, more than usual) and I almost started to feel badly for him. Then I remembered that he brings 99% of it on himself. Also, how many fights can the housemates get into in a club? From Mike vs. the bar patrons, to Snooki and Deena vs. the bartenders, shiz was out of control. I did laugh, though, when security carried the girls out legs swinging and fur boots flying in the air. You show 'em, ladies.

If you can even call them that.

By far the best thing about "Situation Problems" was Snooki and Deena's post-fight encore of hot tub, hooker outfits, falling asleep during breakfast on a cafe table. Priceless. Pauly just about summed it up when he asked, "What do they put in the alcohol in this country?" I'd like to know, too, Pauly. I think we all would.

It was nice to see Sammi and Ronnie getting along (for the most part) again and keeping the streak alive. It was also nice to see Jenni and Sammi getting along. I'm not sure if Jionni and Snooki will be getting along much longer, but the house's shared disdain for Mike may just be the thing to cause the most guido unity.

I will say that the toothbrush scene all but made me gag out loud. Watching Mike use that hair trimmer-tainted thing to brush his teeth nearly made me scream out "Oh dear God no!" at my television. I'm still skeeved out - and I want to go gargle with mouthwash immediately. Nice work, boys.

I don't think this was the best episode of Jersey Shore so far, but it wasn't terrible, either. It had all the makings of a good episode - falling down, bad outfits, fist pumping - but somehow it just seemed to stay at a steady level of "pretty good" the whole time. I think their time in Florence has been entertaining, but I'll be happy when they eventually return to their rightful stomping ground in Jersey. Until then, keep it right here for next week's conclusion to see what kind of a send off they leave for ol' Firenze.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go brush my teeth.

Situation Problems Review

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