EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Edelstein Speaks on People's Choice Awards, Addition of Amber Tamblyn and More

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We love Lisa Edelstein at TV Fanatic.

Aside from starring on one of our favorite shows, the House actress is one of our favorite interview subjects. In August, she gave us an exclusive preview of season seven, including her character's long-awaited relationship with House.

Now, she's opened up about a number of topics, from her People's Choice Award nomination to the great addition of Amber Tamblyn to the House cast...

Hospital Interaction

Congratulations on the People’s Choice Award! How does it feel to be nominated for an award chosen solely by fans?
Thanks! I’m really excited. Win or not, this is the first time anyone from the show has been nominated, other than Hugh, for anything. It’s pretty awesome. It’s a great feeling because it’s the audience. I’m thrilled. I even sent out a Twitter, and I’m not a Twitterer!

An Emmy is in order.
The thing about the PCAs is that the people can have an effect because it’s people voting. Whereas in the Emmys, if you’re in the Academy, you get a punch card and you get a list of 500 actors, and each category has at least 50 people who would like to be nominated. Most of the time people haven’t even seen the shows, so it becomes a popularity contest, where they recognize a name and mark it off. A lot of great people don’t get nominated because a popular name was chosen.

We spoke to you back in August and you made it clear that it was not going to smooth sailing for House and Cuddy. You weren’t lying.
Smooth sailing is so boring! Who wants to watch smooth sailing? That takes place behind the camera. That’s what the characters do when you can’t see them.

I have to admit I was a little upset with Cuddy when she took back what she said because House wasn’t dying [in "A Pox on Our House"]. Why did everything change?
I just think it wasn’t the time to worry about that stuff. At that moment, it was time to go to the deepest place you have, which is the depth of your love for somebody. But once he wasn’t dying and he was OK, it was time to revisit the fact that his behavior was really bad. I don’t think it’s wrong. What are you going to argue over something petty when someone is about to drop dead? No, you’re going to make sure they know you love them. She’ll get over it.

Is it hard for Cuddy to separate the decisions and lies House makes at work from their relationship at home?
Clearly that’s the power struggle right now. How do you sort out a relationship that is well-established work-wise, where he doesn’t tell us the truth... to the fact that now they’re in an intimate relationship and he has to. The thing is, his way of manipulating her is very precious to him. I don’t know that he knows how to do it any other way. It’s a big hurdle for them both.

When he lies to her, it matters. I think that’s going to be the Achilles Heel; it matters. We haven’t seen a relationship matter to him since Stacy.

Amber Tamblyn has been a great addition. How is it working with her?
We got really lucky. Even Amber, who’s like two years old, she’s been in this business for so long, she gets it. It’s really wonderful. I love her, I think she’s awesome. She’s very bright and very down to earth. She’s just a great girl and great role model for other girls. I hope she stays. I know her contract was initially limited, but I hope they change that.

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I watch Big Love, True Blood, Mad Men, Project Runway and Dr. Who.

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