Foreman and Wilson
Watch House Season 8 Episode 23
"Everybody Dies"
Original Air Date:

It's the series finale of House. Will everyone we know make it out alive?

The House Swan Song
Watch House Season 8 Episode 22
"Swan Song"
Original Air Date:

This is the first part of the House series finale event, as fans say goodbye to the long-running series.

Trying to Hang On
Watch House Season 8 Episode 21
"Holding On"
Original Air Date:

We learn Wilson's fate on the second-to-last episode of House. Skylar Astin also guest stars.

House & Wison Take a Trip
Watch House Season 8 Episode 20
"Post Mortem"
Original Air Date:

A pathologist will only trust House to diagnosis him but House can't be found.

Ready to Help Wilson
Watch House Season 8 Episode 19
"The C Word"
Original Air Date:

House deals with one of his biggest nightmares this week, treating Wilson and his cancer diagnosis.

House Listens
Watch House Season 8 Episode 18
"Body and Soul"
Original Air Date:

A boy's dreams of being choked lead to real symptoms. Elsewhere, Dominika discovers a secret about House.

House and Dominika Plot Sabotage
Watch House Season 8 Episode 17
"We Need The Eggs"
Original Air Date:

House and the case tackle a case of a patient who is bleeding from the eyes. House and Dominika try to sabotage Emily's upcoming wedding.

Chase and Grandma
Watch House Season 8 Episode 16
"Gut Check"
Original Air Date:

Chase gets to know Park's grandmother on this episode of House, while House and Wilson dine together.

House and His Team
Watch House Season 8 Episode 15
"Blowing the Whistle"
Original Air Date:

The diagnostic team is afraid House is keeping something from them on this episode of the Fox drama.

Michael B. Jordan on House
Watch House Season 8 Episode 14
"Love is Blind"
Original Air Date:

House receives a visit from his mother this week, while TV Fanatic favorite Michael B. Jordan guest stars as a blind patient.

House Quotes

Chase: Did you ever love me?!?
Cameron: I don't know.
Chase: Thank you for finally telling me.

House: But, when you're 4th down, 100 to go, in the snow, you don't call a running play up the middle. Unless you're the Jets.
Dr. Cameron: I hate sports metaphors.