13 Ways Carl Kicks Justin Bieber's Butt

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These photos were collected to prove that Carl Grimes could kick Justin Bieber's butt. The Biebs wouldn't last a day without his entourage, let alone being hunted and hunting zombies or hanging out with his mom. 

Carl wins no matter how you slice it.

1. Carl Put a Bullet in His Mother's Head

Carl Put a Bullet in His Mother's Head
Minutes after delivering his baby sister, and faced with two options: Mom as a zombie or putting a bullet in her head, Carl chose the latter. WWBD (What would Bieber do)? Faint.

2. Carl Grows Food

Carl Grows Food
Carl can grow his own food to sustain life. Bieber would starve to death without his people to provide for him.

3. Under Attack, Carl Fights Back

Under Attack, Carl Fights Back
Carl can wield a shotgun with purpose. He's not doing it to look cool, but to save lives. Bieber would probably blow a buddy's hand off.

4. Carl Mourns Asskicker

Carl Mourns Asskicker
When he and Rick discover Lil' Asskicker is missing, they mourn. That's more courageous than hiding pain and feelings like Bieber seems prone to doing.

5. Carl Walks the Road

Carl Walks the Road
Carl doesn't need a slick ride to get around. Bieber would have dropped miles back, since he wouldn't have his wicked wheels.

6. Carl Brandishes a Pistol

Carl Brandishes a Pistol
It's not every teen who can responsibly use a firearm, but here Carl is again ready to clear a room of zombies. Would Bieber sing his way out of a jam?

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