Every time I look at her all I see is him.


Negan: God, I missed you Eugene.
Eugene: Can't say the same.

We didn't agree to those borders. Those borders are hers, not ours.


Ezekial: I know you have to do this, but I will never stop loving you.
Carol: And I'll never regret the fairy tale.

Ezekial: The Kingdom fell. I should have seen it coming... gotten us out sooner. My people wouldn't be like this if it weren't for me.
Michonne: No they wouldn't be, because they wouldn't be here at all.

The crossing over the river may be gone but we rebuilt a bridge none the less.


Tell them the next time they cross over to my land, my horde will cross into theirs.


I've seen how you live. I've walked your streets. It's a joke. Your communities are a
shrine to a long dead world.


Alpha: I don't think you can protect my daughter, but I hope I'm wrong.
Daryl: You are.

Michonne: What if I never find him?
Jocelyn: You might not. But if you give up now, then you definitely never will. And you can't live with that, can you?

Judith: I've heard the stories. How you all fought the Saviors and won. You can do that again.
Daryl: You haven't heard all the stories.

We must tell Alpha.