This little window right here, is as good as a TV and I loved the shit outta TV back when that was a thing.


You are where you do not belong.


Gabriel: Acceptance is an important first step, but a life needs to have meaning.
Negan: Funny thing about this window here, people stand out there and they talk, and it's like they don't remember I'm here. And that, well that is when I get the really good shit.

Carol: I know what you went through, and I get why this is hard for you. But we've all lost something. You and me we both lost children and we kept going for each other. We've always been a family.
Michonne: And we still are. But Kingdom is Kingdom, Hilltop is here, and Alexandria is there. And in between there's a whole lot of broken world, and we cannot pretend otherwise.

The walkers are evolving.


Negan: You know I read something fascinating the other day. You know what a smell is? It's when odor molecules activate neurons in your nasal passages. So every time you come in here and change my bed pan and smell my shit, something that was actually in my ass goes right up your nose.
Gabriel: Shut up.
Negan: I'm sorry, I never know exactly which eye I'm supposed to look at, it's a little bit distracting.

Jesus: You ever see them do this before?
Aaron: No...never.

Eugene: This wasn't a normal herd.
Aaron: What do you mean?
Eugene: When they passed us by we could here them, they were...they were whispering to each other.

It's bad enough I gotta to clean up your shit I shouldn't have to listen to it too.


What's not to like about us? We're a solid looking group. We're scrappy.


Siddiq: So, you've been traveling with a collection of instruments all this time? Why?
Luke: It's art.

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Yumiko: Look, I'm sorry about Magna. She can be a bit hot headed.
Michonne: That's one word for it.