Don't move!


Gabriel: Did you even have a son?
Dante: Why does that matter?
Gabriel: I guess it doesn't. It was one of the things I liked about you.
Dante: That my son was killed?
Gabriel: That you had a family. I suppose you'd like me to never trust anyone ever again.
Dante: It's a meaningless idea.

Daryl: I hope that hurts.
Dante: It doesn't matter. None of this matters, watching our people get incinerated, devoured, you see how ridiculous it is getting attached to ourselves, but knowing that sets you free.
Carol: Is that what you're doing, setting us free?
Dante: If you learn that lesson, it will only help you.
Daryl: You must want us to be like you.
Dante: Accept the future.
Gabriel: Siddiq depended on you. Why put him through all that hell in the barn, just to kill him months later? I can't see an ideology behind that.
Dante: I liked Siddiq.
Rosita: No, you liked him.
Dante: It wasn't part of the plan. But he found out who I was, so I had no choice.
Carol: What plan?
Dante: Encourage your paranoia about us, which will push you into bad decisions. Places like this are cruel promises to their people and they crumble at the smallest nick. Hell, I'm going to enjoy watching you tearing each other apart wondering what to do with me, just like with Negan.
Gabriel: Is that what you want, a public reckoning, a chance to be heard?
Dante: That's what you'll give me. Because it's right.
Rosita: We helped you.
Dante: And why, because you wanted another doctor around? You got something from me, too. Don't pretend you didn't.

No one is actually kind. We are selfish. We are brutal. Come on, even seeing all of those heads on spikes didn't teach you what people are?


Aaron: Don't do this. It isn't you.
Gamma: You have no idea who I am.

Carol: Your mother told her people she killed you.
Lydia: You said you wanted my help.
Carol: I did.
Lydia: You used me.
Carol: Lydia, I'm sorry.
Lydia: You're just like her.
Aaron: Lydia.
Lydia: You said you wanted me to choose a side. I choose mine.
Carol: You can't go out there. It's too dangerous.
Lydia: You can't stop me.

Wait, they could be watching.


You ignore the truth when it's staring you in the face. I would never betray Alpha.


Daryl: Where you going?
Carol: I'm gonna do another sweep for Negan.
Daryl: Cool, you want company?
[Carol smiles.]

Alpha: Test him. If he's worthy, I will hear him. If not, then, I kill him.
Beta: It is a mistake showing him our ways.
Alpha: Your questioning of my judgment has become a regular occurrence.
Beta: He is a threat.
Alpha: To Alpha, or to Beta?
Beta: I think only of our people.
Alpha: Is it finally time for the Beta to become the Alpha?

Negan: So cards on the table, then? Cool, I dig that. See, I'm not here for you. I am here for Alpha, so you go ahead, and you throw your little tests at me, and you scowl and throw me on the ground like a five and dime Frankenstein. I don't give a shit. see, big man, I ain't going anywhere
Beta: Finally...something we both agree won't be going anywhere
Negan: Wait a minute, did you just make a goddamn joke? I would be impressed if I wasn't so pissed off right now

Negan: How long you and the boss lady been together? Is this like a Beta with benefits situation, you slide her a little Omega on the side?
Beta: You respect the Alpha, or I end you where you stand.
Negan: I didn't mean to offend you. I mean, hell, you keep things professional. I respect that. I think I was just thrown off by the whole kneeling thing. Not that there's anything wrong with the whole kneeling thing. I mean, that has tickled the dicks of many a fine man over the years. Me, myself, I used to have people kneeling for me all the livelong day, so I understand the benefits that sort of shit provides. I just never actually done the deed myself. And I admire your self-restraint and I'm saying this totally respectfully, but there is something about that whole bald head thing that just tightens my britches.