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The Inuit man is being prepared for burial. They find a bunch of charms on him but leave them alone.

Someone brings her father's personal items to Lady Silence. She thinks there's more. Maybe she wants the charms. Maybe the charms control the Tuunbaq. The guy who brings her the bag calls her Lady Silence.

The man's body is being transported to his burial site. They dig a hole through the ice to the water and dump him in it.

Lady Silence builds a circle around herself in the ice. She's pissed. Might the circle protect her from the Tuunbaq?

Francis is sitting with a couple of officers talking about Lady Silence. One of them is concerned about her and the fact that hey let her go. He thinks she's going to go back to her people and start a war with them.

On Terror, Sir John is having dinner with his officers. There is an empty spot for Lieutenant Gore. Sir John has a flashback.His wife gave him a monkey.

Sir John prepares a letter about Lt. Gore. Francis comes knocking. He wants to send a search party out for rescue. He knows deep down there's something happening, and idiotic Sir John denies his request.

Francis argues his case but Sir John is adamant. He brings up one of Francis' thoughts from the previous year when his prediction didn't happen. Francis still argues his case, and the argument intensifies. Francis leaves distraught.

Despite what Sir John said, Francis proceeds with sending eight of his men out to find help. He wants t lead the party himself to take the pressure off the men he's  having do it.

One of the guys notices that the canned provisions are starting to spoil or are already spiled.

Sir John visits some of the men outside. 

Raftery tries to get Hickey to repent for his interactions with the other man. He threatens him. Hickey goes to his lover and confronts him.

Sir John is outside with men having a picture taken. Dr. Goodsir is nervous about being outside but the picture is done and they go back in the tent.

Francis is writing a letter to Sir John to explain why he went against his orders.

Sir John is giving a memorial for Lt. Gore when the monster surprises them and pulls one of the men from the top of the tent and throws him down headless.

Francis hears the commotion and heads out to see what's going on. He orders his men to help.

Sir John calls out and some of his men start heading his way but the monster gets him, eats his legs and throws him in the hole where they put the Eskimo's body. He's gone.  

Fitzjames and his men find Sir John but it's too late. Francis is there too. He's now the man in charge.

The men are holding a memorial for Sir John. Fitzjames is devastated. He argues with Francis about sending a search party out. What a moron. He wants to abide by Sir John's wishes. He asks Francis for one day to allow the men to grieve. Francis allows it.

At Sir John's memorial, Francis reads the last words Sir John wrote. While he's giving the eulogy, Cornelius is taking a crap in his lover's bed.

Lady Silence is sharpening a knife in her igloo. The Tuunbaq is outside.She's afraid. It leaves. Maybe it was looking for the Eskimo man. She ventures outside. It left a dead seal as a gift.





The Terror
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The Terror Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Shooting a man is a lot more fun when you mean to do it.


You are suggesting it because you are a man who's happiest with a glass of Knock Me Down in one hand and then an alarm bell in another.

Sir John