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Lockhart/Gardner defended a patient in a liver transplant case against rival attorney Patti Nyholm. The case took a turn when Patti was fired from her law firm and asked Lockhart/Gardner to represent her. Will took on her case, which coincided with a larger class action suit that involved the liver case, and Patti casually leaked them information. The liver patient ended up winning and getting the kidney, but Patti's former firm hired her back so that L&G wouldn't have her as ammunition in the class action against the hospital.

Alicia packed up Peter's belongings and moved him out to an apartment. Despite pleas from him and Jackie, she remained firm in her decision to separate. No marriage counseling, nothing. Peter accused her of sleeping with Will and tried to blame the problems in their marriage on her, which made Alicia that much more resolved.

Alicia broke down trying to explain to Zack and Grace that she was separating from Peter.

Cary asked Kalinda to put in a good word for him with Will.  Will and Diane met with Cary, but he didn't like what they had to offer. He went to a moody, dejected Peter to try and smooth things over regarding his past issues with Alicia. Peter perked up when he realized that Cary knew Alicia and used to work at L&G.

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From the preview with the kids it doesn't make any sence why she doesn't want to listen to Peter about the past, but expresses she loves him so much and its not his fault.
I hope by May 17 she opens her eyes and tells him how she really feels and stops this lying to herself and also trying to have her kids tell little white lies so people won't know what this split was about.
In this make belive world of TV about the lives of politions of real life it is either they stayed together or divorced there is no inbetween, so how about writeing a script that fits the present bill.

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Patient: Thank you.
Alicia: It's my job.
Patient: No, not like before. You're fighting for me.

Patty: I wish Ms. Florrick didn't think she was arguing before the Supreme Court.
Alicia: And I wish Ms. Nyholm did.